Sharp Air Conditioning

About the brand, Sharp

The Sharp Corporation is a multinational company that focuses on electronics (both design and manufacture), based in Osaka, Japan. The headquarters is stationed at Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. In 2016, the major shares of Sharp corporation (66 per cent) were bought by Foxconn Group, a Taiwanese Multinational group.

Today, Sharp corporation employs more than 52,000 employees around the world. Their main focus is on designing and manufacturing home appliances, solar panels, televisions, mobiles, etc. Today, after facing some financial losses, with the help of the Foxconn group, they are making a slow and gradual comeback into the market.

Sharp corporation is spread across the world in around 140 countries and 27 among them have manufacturing units. They try to design and adjust their products as per the climate and nature of the country where the items are to be sold.

In Australia, the main problem is the hot and harsh climate in the Summer and cold and freezing winter. So, their main attraction in Australia was a reverse cycle air conditioner which can take on our Australian climate easily. Apart from the air conditioners, the rest of their products are home appliances.

History of Sharp Corporation

As mentioned before, Sharp is a Japanese company (now owned by Foxconn, a Taiwan-based group). The history of Sharp Corporation began back in 1912 in Tokyo. It was founded by Tojuki Hayakawa, an inventor cum manufacturer. His first inventions were a snap buckle and a mechanical pencil (the first-ever).

But unfortunately, an Earthquake in Japan’s Kanto region in 1923 destroyed their manufacturing sector forcing them to relocate their business to Osaka. The first product manufactured in the Osaka section was a radio which started its sale in 1925. In this period, the company’s name was Hayakawa Electric Industry Company.

The period between 1945 and 2000 can be considered a fire trial for the company’s existence. The beginning years were a struggle for Sharp as they focused on manufacturing new products after inventing them.

Many new products like television sets, transistor calculators, bipolar IC calculators, Microwave ovens, cassettes, amplifiers, receivers, speakers, etc., were developed. It was in 1970 finally, that the name Sharp Corporation came into existence.

The 12 years from 2000 to 2012 can be considered as profit-making years for the company and it became recognized as an International brand. The company started manufacturing mobile phones, LCD televisions, etc. By 2005, Sharp became the best mobile company in Japan.

After 2012, Sharp faced huge financial losses which led them to merge into Foxconn. After the merging, today, Sharp is growing again, purchasing new subsidiaries and developing new products.

Product Range from Sharp in Australia

As mentioned before, Sharp concentrated on limited products in Australia. They provide mainly air conditioning systems or home appliances.

Air conditioners from Sharp Corp. for Australia

For matching the needs of people in Australia, and to adjust with the Hot and Cold climate of the country that varies across our vast land, the only model of air conditioner they focused on for Australia was a reverse cycle air conditioner (split system).

Split system air conditioner

Split system air conditioners from Sharp are all reverse cycle air conditioners. It consists of 2 units - an indoor and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is the section where condensation takes place. A fan is attached there. The indoor unit is the air conditioning unit that is mounted high on walls. Being a reverse cycle air conditioner, the aircon can heat your room during winter and cool it down during Summer. The system is very compact but suitable for small spaces only.

At present, four models are available, ranging from 2.5 kW to 7.3 kW.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Sharp aircon worth buying in Australia?
  2. Yes. The aircon being sold in Australia from Sharp focuses on our climate needs. It is efficient, has multiple features such as climate control, and is energy-saving too.

  3. What is the use of inverter technology in the Sharp aircon?
  4. It makes the system a better energy-saving appliance by not installing unwanted functions.

  5. Is there a legit warranty for Sharp products?
  6. Yes. There is a legit warranty with all Sharp products in Australia. The warranty period changes depending on the product purchased.