Samsung Air Conditioning

About the brand Samsung

Samsung is one of the top 3 brands in the world in the electronics field. Their product range is so wide and large and their products have already conquered the global market. The brand name and popularity of products are so rich, that almost everyone around the world today is using at least one product from Samsung. It is not just the quality that helps them to attract customers, but also their skill to rapidly change and adapt to the future world’s expectations and release new innovative products in a short period that makes them successful in the modern world.


The brand Samsung was founded in 1938 by Lee-Byung Chul in Daegu, South Korea as a simple trading company concentrating on food processing, textiles, retail, etc. By 1969, it entered the electronics field as a manufacturer of many products as well as into construction and shipbuilding. It marked the beginning of their evolution into the multinational giant we know today. By the end of the 1970s, the company split into four groups and the one named Samsung Group concentrated mainly on electronics like; televisions, mobile phones, semiconductors, etc.

Today, their evolution has led them to be one of the top manufacturers in the electronics field, construction, shipbuilding, hospitality, retail, and many more. With a revenue of more than 300 billion US dollars and nearly 500,000 employees working worldwide, it owns most of the continental markets providing tough competition to its competitors.

Product Range of Samsung Electronics in Australia

Air Conditioners from Samsung

Split System

Very popular in Australia. This model of the system is suitable for cooling or warming small spaces like a room under 30 sq.m area. It usually consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is the condenser unit with the fan. The indoor unit is installed high on the ceiling. There is a gas material called refrigerant which helps in the heat transfer between the indoor and outdoor units.

Ducted system

Suited best for the Australian climate. Highly efficient and quiet in working. Suited best for cooling or warming large areas or offices. It is a split design system too with an outdoor and indoor unit. The indoor unit is compact and splittable in nature. It is very energy efficient in terms of design. Few models have inverter technology in this model which minimizes power consumption even more. The refrigerant used is mostly R32 which has a lower environmental impact.

Free Joint multi-system

This is the most energy-efficient aircon from Samsung in Australia. At present, 3 models are available in this category for sale in Australia - Geo Wind-Free, Geo, and 1-way cassette. All the models have a heavy cooling system. Some have Wind free cooling which is very useful. The filter is very easy to open and clean. The ducts are slim in design. The power usage varies from a 2 kW to 12.5 kW (both indoor and outdoor) unit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Samsung products very costly as it is a top-tier brand?
  2. Even though Samsung is a big brand, their products vary in cost but are affordable for all. The quality is excellent.

  3. Are Split systems from Samsung better for large spaces?
  4. Split systems are designed for small rooms. The performance will be less if you consider a big space. Also, it will strain your aircon. You are advised to choose a ducted system.

  5. Are Samsung products efficient for the Australian climate?
  6. No need to even think about it. Their product range and quality are suitable for any climate and country.