Plenty of people have issues with their gas heaters. We all try to troubleshoot and hope to fix the problem ourselves - but it’s not always easy! So, how can you fix your Vulcan gas heater problems? Or, will gas heater troubleshooting help in any way? If that's your current dilemma, you've come to the right place. Keep reading on to find out more.

Before calling for assistance, try this:

Sometimes, it is possible to avoid service calls. If you feel that your heater isn't functioning correctly, check these possible causes first:

  • Switch on and off first to reset the heater. Additionally, check whether the circuit breaker has been tripped, and then turn it on.
  • Go and check whether the pilot light and the gas are turned on. If not, then turn them on.
  • Check if the manual mode is turned on, and also inspect the batteries in the thermostat
  • Ensure the filter is clean

Once you've done that, the next step is to consult your manual.

Consult your manual

If you notice any problem with your gas heater, it's always advisable to check the Vulcan gas heater manual. But don't get me wrong! Not all the problems can be repaired using the manual.

However, this helps to reduce any further damage. Additionally, if there's anything out of place, the manual will help you figure that out. Some of the problems you are likely to face with your gas heater will arise from a minor issue. Such issues include:

1) Not cleaning your gas heater

One of the most common issues when dealing with a gas heater is that the fan stops working. That can be because of dirt particles accumulated in the heater. The best way to reduce the occurrence of such issues is by regular cleaning.

2) Lack of maintenance

Servicing your devices, especially the gas heater, will save you the money that you would've spent on repairs. Without a doubt, gas heater service is an integral part of extending this device's life span and ensuring top-notch efficiency. Therefore, always talk to an expert to come and service your gas heater - even when it's functioning correctly.

3) Incorrect calibration

Sometimes your heater may emit a high pitched noise. You might have inadvertently changed the calibrations. There's also the possibility that the fan or other parts in the device are malfunctioning. Before doing anything, check with a heater expert to ensure that it's safe. That's because a sound like that can also mean that the entire system is defective. And instead of DIYing your way through the problem, it's probably better if you let the professionals handle this matter.

We provide the best at Quick Air

When all else fails, it's time to talk to a professional. Quick Air is an exceptional repair and service company with years of experience in this field. We will easily take care of your gas heater service and repairs promptly. So, if you've tried all the above tips and your device is still malfunctioning, call us at 1300 730 896.