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Gas heaters are the most widely used heating option by homeowners. Around 60% of homes built in the last 10 years were fitted with gas heaters. The benefits of using gas-powered heaters in your home go well beyond personal finances. Typically, gas heaters have the highest energy efficiency, and this implies that homeowners can save money in the long run.

Most gas heating devices are equipped with the latest technology including zone heating and pilot-less ignition systems, which not only makes them highly customisable but safe as well. Gas heaters are equally eco-friendly and do not cause a significant impact on the environment. The resulting by-products are usually small amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapour. Simply put, using a gas heater can reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Compared to electric-powered heating systems, all gas heaters produce temperatures of up to 20 degrees warmer.

Even though gas heaters are extremely reliable and efficient, they can break down. Inevitably, your gas heater usually breaks down when you need it most. Consequently, fixing the problem at hand becomes an urgent call. From gas leaks, damaged furnace, cycling or heating problems to a blower that runs continuously, noisy heater and a faulty burner, you can expect a few potential problems to deal with.

Gas heaters are complex pieces of equipment that should only be handled by a highly qualified professional. A faulty heating and cooling unit can prevent you from enjoying your home's comfort during the coldest season of the year. This is why you would want a qualified and certified technician to repair your unit.

At Quick air, we count only with professional licensed certified and experienced heating technicians who offer complete solutions including installation, maintenance and all types of repair services. Thanks to the high level of gas heater repair services that we offer, we have earned ourselves a reputation of being the best gas heater specialists. We service all gas heaters including ducted gas heating units, log-fire/ gas-fuel heaters, as well as built-in gas heaters. We have the market leading professional expertise and the relevant knowledge in servicing and repairing brands of gas heaters such as Vulcan, Pyrox, Everdure, Rinnai,Real Flame, and all known brands.

Our gas heaters services

New gas units installation and repairs

We offer professional and unrivalled gas heater installation services. Whether you want to add/extend a gas line to your home or repair old damaged gas lines, you can always contact us and enjoy our timely service.

Gas heater servicing

We provide professional gas heating installation services. We also offer both installation and repairs for gas heaters so that homeowners can enjoy a comfortable winter. The quality of our work is second to none!

Regular maintenance

This is the only way to ensure your heating unit remains in optimal working condition. We'll not only make sure that your heater is working in accordance with the set safety standards, but we will eliminate all the accumulated inner debris and dust from your unit's interior moving parts. We also carry out CO testing on all gas units to ensure your health and safety at priority.

Quick air is the name to trust when it comes to troubleshooting all gas heaters-related problems. Our certified, licensed and experienced professionals are available year-round so you don't experience any problem with your gas heating unit. Whether you want to install a new heating unit or repair a faulty gas unit, don't hesitate to contact us.

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