If you are living in a city or area where cold weather gives repeated performances, then a ducted heating system is no less than a blessing. Imagine for a moment that you’re sleeping on your bed in the shivering cold, and a warm blanket of air from the ducted heating system wraps around you. This is the ideal sleep one can ever wish for on cold nights.

But if the ducted heating systems are not properly maintained or cleaned, they can cause a lot of issues. Once installed, we usually forgot about the cleaning and service of these systems, which results in unexpected problems. You never want to spend the months of cold without your heating system. So, it’s always preferable to clean them regularly. That being said, how often should a ducted heating system be cleaned?

When to Clean a Ducted Heating System?

There’s no hard and fast rule of when to opt for ducted heater cleaning and when to avoid it. A few ducted systems need cleaning once a year, while numerous others need repeated clean-ups. It all depends upon the usage and the environment in which they are installed.

Why Clean a Ducted Heating System?

If you are concerned about ducted heating maintenance and its optimal functioning, then cleaning is a must. Additionally, cleaning also ensures compliance with health and safety standards. If irregularities are spotted, then resolve them at the earliest as health is an invaluable asset to every human being living in this world.

Especially if you are living with kids and pets, or any person allergic to dust and dirt, then opting for cleaning becomes mandatory on a regular basis. Any malfunctioning can lead to the accumulation of Carbon Monoxide in the ducts, which, if it comes out with convection flow, can lead to severe health problems.

How to Clean a Ducted Heating System?

Leaving a few exceptions - which will be discussed in the latter half of this article - you can clean your system by yourself. Pets and kids usually are the major contributing factors that necessitate the importance of proper cleaning: Firstly because of their health and mainly due to their habits. Kids and pets usually throw toys, food, colouring pens and pencils, dander, or bits of hairs in the vents. Here are some tips for cleaning your ducted heating system by yourself:

  • The first and foremost thing is to remove the vent grates. Wash them in warm, soapy water and then leave for some time for complete drying.
  • If you notice any big chunk of debris, remove it before closing the grates.
  • If you see some dirt other than dust, then take a damp cloth and clean inside thoroughly. But make sure to remove all the moisture with a dry cloth before closing that spot.
  • Keep an eye on air filters. Once they get choked with dust and dirt, replace them with quality air filters once or twice a year, depending upon your use.

When to Call a Professional for Cleaning of Ducted Heating Systems?

Some issues need the immediate attention of professionals for ducted heating service or maintenance to avoid any potential damage like:

  • Rats, mice, and some pests like to live inside these ducts. So, if you hear a bit of ratting or other such sounds or notice their presence, then call the professionals quickly.
  • Mould can also cause some issues. So, if you smell mould or even, in some cases, you see them, call the professional on an immediate basis.
  • If you observe or feel dust or dirt inside the house without any external source, then your system needs proper cleaning by a professional

The Bottom Line

If you want to enjoy the comfort-filled warmth of a ducted heating system, then proper maintenance and cleaning are mandatory. Depending upon the conditions and your schedule, call a professional to ensure seamless, hassle-free service. If your ducted heating system needs service, maintenance, or cleaning, our customer lines are always open. Quick Air is offering same-day service in all the major cities of Australia. So, if you need any assistance, feel free to get in touch with us at 1300 730 896!