Extensive Cleaning

Quick Air recommends lifting the lid on your air conditioner and giving it a good clean.

Inside the unit are filters, designed to catch dust and microbes. Amongst other things, these need fairly regular cleaning before they impact the performance of the unit. They can collect moisture which leads to mould growth while running the unit will emit the dust or bacteria into the air that can be harmful to the health of your family.

Quick Air provides speciality cleaning services assuring prolonged life and quality of the air. We recommend that you do a clean at least once a year, but we also recommend that you get a professional to extensively clean your unit.

We recommend a thorough clean of your air conditioner for the following reasons:

What's involved in a clean

This is not something you should try yourself. Our technicians are trained and have specialised equipment including protective equipment to prevent the harmful effects of contaminants doing any damage to their health. If you would like to know more about our cleaning services in your area, please contact us on 1300 730 896 to find out more.