Before you buy an air conditioner, note that there is more to purchasing the device than picking the first one you like. When it comes to an air conditioning system, you need to find the right size for your home or business. Most people assume the bigger the air conditioning system, the better, but this is actually not true.

If you buy an air conditioner that is too big for your space, it might not give you the service you need. It will end up compromising the comfort of your home. Apart from cooling your home, the air conditioning device is also meant to dehumidify it.

The dehumidification process takes a longer period than cooling. A larger unit will cool the house faster and shut down; thus, this will mean that the air will not be fully dehumidified. A unit that is too small will always be running to cool the house, leading to higher utility bills. For that reason, you ought to get the appropriate size when you buy an air conditioner unit.

Ensure You Install an Air Conditioner That Suits You

The best way to make sure the cooling unit you install is the right size is by working with an air conditioner installation service. The right air conditioner service will guide you purchasing the right unit for your home. Here are four things the air conditioner installation service will use to determine the right unit for your home.

  • Room size

Before determining the right size of the cooling unit for your home, the air conditioner servicing company will start by looking into the room’s size. They will examine the length and width of the rooms, and also height of the ceiling. If the room has high ceilings or wide floor space, it will require more energy to cool.

  • Insulation

The other factor that the air conditioning service will look into when determining the right size of air conditioning system is the insulation. The air conditioner installer will look at the amount of insulation you have in the walls and ceiling. These are significant factors that influence your home’s thermal efficiency.

  • Region

Before an air conditioner maintenance expert installs the unit for you, they will ensure they have looked into your location. If you live in a hot and humid region, They will advise you to get a larger unit than someone who lives in a cool and dry area. Your area’s climate condition will have a significant effect on the size of the unit you buy.

  • Orientation

The other factor to consider before you install an air conditioner is the way the roof faces. The side the windows face will affect the amount of heat that gets into your room. The right air conditioner maintenance service will consider this factor when selecting the right size for your unit.


It is not easy to determine the size of AC you need in your space. Thus, it is best to work with skilled professionals to choose and install an air conditioner that suits your space.