Evaporative air conditioners

Evaporative Air Conditioners

An evaporative air conditioner is simply a box-shaped unit with several porous surfaces which allows air flows to pass through. A built-in fan inside the cooler is responsible for pulling air from the outside through its sides and into your house. To generate cool air, all porous sides come with a pad of wet materials that are stored at the bottom of the unit. Once flows of hot air pass through these areas, water will evaporate and cool the air with the help of the fan.

Even though evaporative air cooling systems are one of the oldest forms of temperature control, these units are also one of the most beneficial ones. With a simple yet powerful design, they provide a variety of benefits compared to traditional air conditioners. All of these advantages will help you save a lot of money and keep the air fresh.

Why choose Quick Air for the evaporative air conditioner in your home?

Quick Air provides the best service for evaporative cooling and prices for new installations in Australia. We also supply competitive prices in leading brands like Hitachi, Panasonic, Samsung, Breezair, etc. Our expert technicians also guide you on the best choice to suit your budget, home, and personal needs. We also offer reliable evaporative cooling repairs and installation in all capital cities and the surrounding areas.

1. Evaporative air conditioner maintenance is crucial to the quality of airflow

Some components that contribute to poor quality of air inside your home include:

By using our maintenance services, you not only increase the lifespan of your evaporative air conditioning system but also improve the air quality in a residential or commercial building.

2. All-in-one solution to keep your conditioner running properly

Another reason for choosing Quick Air services is the fact that we provide a variety of installing and repair services at competitive prices. Make sure your evaporative air conditioner is running properly after an intense operation.

3. Preventative maintenance

One of the main advantages of our evaporative air conditioner service is the ability to perform preventative maintenance. Our experts are highly skilled and have many years of experience in every aspect of repair and servicing. This means that we shall take the time to examine and check for parts that are worn or in need of replacement or repairs. Even seemingly minor parts can lead to serious issues if they fail. And this is probably one of the most common causes for a system breakdown, especially during the hot summer days.

Final thoughts

To keep an evaporative air conditioning system in its best condition, it always requires regular maintenance to remove the build-ups of damaging components such as dust or dirt.

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The Quick Air team consists of skilled and experienced specialists who are always dedicated to ensuring that your cooling system is always operating at its best.

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