Ducted Gas Heating Systems

Ducted Gas Heating Systems

What is Ducted Gas Heating?

Ducted gas heating is simply a way to provide heat to your entire home. It involves having a ducted heating system or ducted heating unit installed outside your home. The principle of this system can be understood if you know the way an Air conditioner works, except you get warm air instead of cold air.

The ducted heating unit is installed outside, on the roof or under the floor, and the heat is distributed through a network of ducts with an outlet in each room. The ducted gas heating unit runs on natural gas, which makes a safer and more efficient way to provide heat in homes and offices.

How does it work?

The ducted heating system operates by drawing air from a central part of the house. The air is then heated by a heat exchanger-which is fuelled by pure burning gas- and the warm air is distributed into each room via the duct outlets.

What are the costs?

Ducted gas heating systems vary in costs and brands. They are differentiated with a rating system which begins from 3 and goes up to 6.

A 3-star ducted gas heating unit may cost much less to purchase than a 5 or 6-star but the real difference lies in their running costs. Eventually, after the purchase and installation, you will find that the running costs of a 3 or 4-star unit are much higher than those of a 5 or 6-star. Also, the higher rating of 4, 5 and 6-star units come with more features that provide flexible comfort and save running costs, for example, zoning.


Zoning is a practical and economical way to benefit from your ducted gas heating unit. It is a feature that allows you to heat up only the rooms that are required or inhabited at certain times of the day. After which you can switch right back to the bedrooms at night. Zoning is a wonderful way to save running cost and get the best from your unit.

A ducted gas heating unit is the safest way to heat your home.

Proper maintenance is required for your unit to remain durable and safely functional. Quick Air can provide routine maintenance and service for your unit.

Why Quick Air?

Quick Air offers professional installation, repair, and maintenance service for your heating system.

Quick Air’s team are committed to providing friendly and reliable assistance to their clients. We service in all kinds of heating systems, including ducted gas heating units and others.

We are all about assisting you to get the best comfort from your unit. If you are having any problems with the installation or function of your ducted gas heating system, call Quick Air today.

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