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Summer and winter are when we experience the heights of temperature extremes. We know how important temperature control can be in maintaining the comfort and well-being of you and your loved ones. Our experienced and licensed technicians take great pride in providing exceptional diagnosis and repairs to our valued customers.

Air conditioners and heaters require regular care like any other appliance in your home, we understand the urgency after the breakdown and hence we provide same day or next day bookings.

Quick Air has managed to keep the nation at the right temperature

Reliable heater and air conditioner repairs

When there's a breakdown of your air conditioner or heater it's always at the worst possible time, on one of the coldest or hottest days of the year. Don't worry, Quick Air is here to help! Call us on 1300 730 896 for fast and affordable repairs, we can make a booking at a time convenient to you with one of our qualified and licensed technicians.


Our simple pricing means there are no unexpected costs or hidden pricing and we are committed to affordable and reliable repairs. We understand that when your unit or system breaks down, you want quick and reasonable repairs from a reputable company that guarantees its workmanship. We guarantee it.

Our workmanship guarantee to you

We're a nationwide business and for nearly a decade we have delivered thousands of successful breakdown repairs allowing our customers to enjoy the seasons. If your heater or air conditioner starts to fail or if any of the components breakdown, Quick Air can reliably repair so you're quickly in comfort. You can expect a qualified technician, with quality parts, who cares. Each technician is qualified in heating, gas refrigeration, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) services. They have been certified by Quick Air too because they have a quality track record, skills and tools to fix your problem first time. We are so confident that we offer a 100% guarantee of our workmanship on every repair we do.

How we do it

Our experienced technicians will come to you make an assessment and diagnose your unit and discuss the solution options before any work is undertaken. This assessment always follows regular checks so that reliability and consistency are maintained and we miss nothing in our assessment and diagnosis. This also means that your repair is more than a one-off fix. Our technicians are well experienced and qualified to work on all major brands and models and carry a variety of quality parts to get you up and running very fast.

Sometimes we have to order parts, particularly on older models and lesser-known brands. On these occasions, the technician does all the running around and will provide you with the most cost-effective solution. If we have to order a part we will make a convenient time to return and will not charge a revisit fee. There may be a charge for these parts and additional man time, but once again we will be fully transparent with you and provide a detailed quote for your consideration.

Are we qualified?

Quick Air and our technicians are all qualified, fully insured and licensed. This means that when we're carrying out breakdown assessments and repairs you are assured that it's to the highest standard. Additionally, we are ARC certified. This means when we work on your air conditioning unit the manufacturer's warranty is not invalidated on all major brands. We have more on us in the Why choose us section including our service guarantee to you.

What if my system is not worth repairing?

Quick Air ensures that if your system is either too old or too damaged to be repaired, we will provide you with a replacement quotation so that we can get you back up and running as quickly as possible. The replacement is guaranteed so you can have comfort that your heating and cooling is operating as efficiently as possible.

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Not all DIY tips can be performed by an unlicensed individual, please seek professional advice.

Still confused? Don't worry, we can help you! Just dial 1300 730 896