Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy & Procedures

Employers and employees all have a responsibility to take effective steps to protect themselves and others from contracting Coronavirus COVID-19. It is important that you feel safe. Any concerns when booking your appointment should be raised immediately so we can take the appropriate course of action to safeguard your needs.

Prior to our attendance we will ask all customers if:

We will not be attending any premises where a customer answers "yes" to any of the above statements.

Our Onsite Technicians are encouraged to minimise the risks to themselves by not shaking hands with customers, using hand sanitiser before and after attending site, and also aiming to maintain a personal distance of 1.5m while visiting your property.

You may be greeted with the following dialogue;

"For your information I just wanted to let you know that I have not travelled overseas within the last 14 days and I have not come into contact with anyone suffering from Coronavirus or demonstrating symptoms of the virus."

"Can I ask, have you or anyone in the home travelled overseas in the last month, come into contact with anyone who is confirmed with the virus or demonstrating symptoms that you are concerned about?"

We take this issue very seriously, but above all, we hold both our technicians and customers" safety and well-being as a top priority.

If you have any concerns regarding the above information, please call our office for our friendly staff to assist in any way they can.