TECO Air Conditioning

About the brand Teco and its history

Teco Electric and machinery co. Ltd. is a Taiwanese company founded in June 1956. Now headquartered in Taipei in Taiwan, this company started as an industrial motor manufacturer. By 1970, it entered the home appliance market as a manufacturer of air conditioners. Their product range and quality became top-class after beginning a joint-venture with Westinghouse Electric, forming its classic motor. Later, in 1995, they even acquired Westinghouse Electric (USA) as their own.

Today, Teco is a multinational conglomerate manufacturing and distributing products around the globe. Their areas of business include home appliances, M&E construction, system automation, motor development, and finally, the latest, turbines from wind energy. It rules the global market mainly with their most important product - the motor.

Even though their experience in the air conditioning market is over 50 years, they started bringing their products into Australia only 30 years ago. Their main focus was on home appliances like; air conditioners, freezers, refrigerators, washing machines and also, electric motors. Today, due to their quality and product toughness s along with readily available spare parts, Teco is very popular in Australia (also, in New Zealand).

Product Range of Teco in Australia

Air conditioning systems from Teco in Australia

Split systems

These models are mounted high on the ceiling, so there is no need for holes in the walls. Includes two units - the indoor unit for air conditioning and the outdoor unit that acts as the condenser with a fan. Both the units are connected through pipes and wires. There is an environmentally friendly refrigerant used for heat exchange between the indoor and outdoor units.

The split systems from Teco are all reverse cycle air conditioners. It means they can cool down the rooms during hot summers and heat them during cold winters. Also, embedded with the smart inverter technology, the system consumes very little power, thereby helping us to save money.

Multi-Split systems

Similar to a split air conditioner, but capable of cooling or heating the entire house or large spaces. In this system, there are multiple indoor units attached to a single outdoor unit. The capacity varies depending on the model.

Ducted Systems

Built for heavy capacity rooms or large spaces. The ducted systems are capable of zoning. It means we can control the areas to be conditioned and taken care of. They are highly efficient in design.

Window Model

Suitable for small spaces. Mostly requires a hole on the wall to mount it.

Light Commercial Cassette Systems

Suitable for commercial buildings and rooms. It is highly efficient and very quiet when operating. Fitted on ceilings. The distribution of air is equal to cool equally in all locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Teco aircon suitable for extreme temperatures?
  2. The best temperature for the aircon to work is normally between 5-35 degrees. The outside temperature is also a factor.

  3. Why is there a water leak from the aircon’s indoor unit?
  4. The possibility is that the drain valve for the condensed water is blocked.

  5. Bad odour coming out of the aircon. Why?
  6. Either there is mould growth inside the aircon, or the filters are dirty.