LG Air Conditioning

About the brand LG

Today, LG is considered one of the leaders in the home appliance market. The brand name has a lot of value with a wide range of products, from mobile phones to kitchen appliances, and air conditioners. A customer favourite today, without an ounce of doubt.

LG was founded in 1958 as GoldStar in South Korea. It concentrated on making radios, washing machines, televisions, air conditioners, etc., with the help of Hitachi, another giant in the electronics market today. Later, GoldStar merged itself with two companies, Lucky Chemical and LS Cable, changing the brand name to Lucky-GoldStar which became LG electronics.

LG concentrated on patiently spreading across the globe by entering the manufacturing market of different electronics like home appliances, watches, smartphones, television, and other audio-video systems, etc. Between the 1970s and 1990s, LG started making huge profits. Their brand value and their customer service kept on increasing as the consumers were really happy with their products - which lasted beyond their expectations.

LG is a global leader today in the electronics market with a revenue of 63.3 trillion won (Korean currency). They faced a loss in the mobile industry in 2020, which led to them withdrawing from the mobile-making industry in 2021.

Product Range from LG company

Air Conditioners from LG in Australia

Split System Air Conditioning

A very common form of air conditioner today. It is very useful for heating or cooling a small room or a portion of your house (a reverse cycle air conditioner). It is mounted high on walls without making a hole in your precious wall. So, it is useful to install at rented places also.

It has 2 sections - an outdoor unit containing the condenser and the fan, and an indoor unit that is the air conditioner itself.

Ducted systems for heating and cooling

One of the best systems for heating and cooling large areas or your entire house. Low power consumption and highly efficient. Includes ducts and an outdoor unit like the condenser. The zoning option is available for most of the LG ducted systems, so we can control the flow and thereby reduce power consumption.

Multi-Split System

Similar to a split system, but here multiple split systems can warm-up or cool down many locations in your house, but use only one outdoor condenser unit. It is suitable for large spaces but consumes more power. It needs a portion of space in each room on the high walls for attaching the split indoor units.


This is useful when used for cooling large spaces. It is fixed in the ceiling in such a way that the airflow can reach each corner of the room uniformly. It looks like a box and is highly efficient.

VRF: Multi V

This is a large condenser unit suitable for warming up or cooling entire portions of the house. Similar in working to that of a ducted system. It is a smart system that enables us to control the working of each unit.

Therma V

This is a multi-purpose device that can warm and cool small spaces and also provide warm water. It is portable and very useful for transporting. A system is a smart appliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there an option to avail free installation for LG products just purchased?
  2. Actually yes, first-time installation is free for LG products. There is also a legitimate warranty for this service.

  3. How much warranty is available for HVAC products from LG?
  4. Today, they provide 3 months extended warranty along with the normal 1-year warranty.