Lennox Air Conditioning

History of Brand Lennox

The legacy of Lennox dates back to 1895. This brand was invented by Mr Dave Lennox, an American who was the owner of machines for repairing railroads. In 1935, he came up with the idea of air-furnaces for warming residential houses. By 1952, Lennox had expanded its operations to Canada and the central air conditioning system came into existence as part of their product expansion scheme. By 1965, they started supplying rooftop models for both heating and cooling. In 1973, Lennox invented the hermetic compressor which made energy-saving possible for both industrial and residential buildings. The period between 1980 and 2000 was when Lennox expanded as an International brand and conquered the world market. Today, with a heritage of more than 125 years, this American brand stands tall in the international market.

Lennox - Today in the air conditioning field

The brand was there when the wars took place. It has outlasted natural disasters and is now still pushing through successfully in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. If there is one thing we can assure about this brand, it will be that it lasts!

The system is made or built to last. As mentioned before, the company was based in North America and it hasn’t been long since it entered the Australian soils. It has already become a customer favourite.

Lennox targets the customers with 3 things in mind - upheaval, quality, and vivid choices for their product users.

Product Range from Lennox’s air conditioning

1. Hi-Wall DC Inverter Split Systems

Mounted high on walls. The system consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit which is connected by electrical wires and pipes - thus the name, split system. There is a chemical or a refrigerant inside which takes care of the heat exchange process. It takes very little space and we can avoid huge holes in our walls.

2. Multi-Head DC Inverter Split Systems

This is similar to hi-wall split systems. The difference is that a single outdoor unit can be connected to 3 or 5 indoor units and run simultaneously. Warming or cooling can be adjusted for your preference. The inverter technology gives us an additional bonus as it makes the air conditioning unit more efficient and also saves 15-20 per cent more power than the regular fixed units.

3. Hi-Wall Split (fixed speed)

Fixed speed hi-wall split systems come up with a simple start-stop compressor. Speed can be set for our needs. But the cooling effect is good. It is cost-effective and easy to use.

4. Ducted Inverter Split System

Considered mainly for large spaces like big offices, where the unique and equal temperature distribution is needed to be maintained everywhere. It can be installed in a new house or adjusted and installed in an existing space.

5. Ducted Gas Furnaces

Considered for large industrial or commercial buildings. There is a furnace or a boiler-like attachment for the system where fuel is burnt and the heat generated is used to warm up the air sucked from the indoor atmosphere and passed through the heated furnace. Then this heated air is supplied through the ducts to the required space. A zoning facility is available, so we can select where to warm up and where not to.

6. Window Unit

Very easy to install and highly cost-effective. Compact in design. Requires a window space for fixing. Considered for small spaces usually. Easy to maintain also.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Lennox systems worth the money?
  2. Yes, as mentioned above, the American brand with a 125-year legacy comes with products that are meant to last. Coupled together with a good warranty period, it makes it a must-buy.

  3. How long does the repair or service of HVAC systems usually take?
  4. We have an expert team. So, we assure you the quickest time in completing the repairs. That said, every issue has different complexity, so the time required to sort it out depends upon the issue. Usually, our team needs approximately 1-1.5 hours maximum to sort out even the hardest of repairs.

  5. Should we fill the gas (refrigerant) frequently?
  6. Not at all. Unless you notice a leakage in the gas (which is very rare), do not try to fill anything. If a leak is found, call us immediately - as the inhalation of the gas can be dangerous. It requires the work of an expert technician.

  7. Is a warranty available for Lennox appliances?
  8. Yes, every appliance from Lennox has a good warranty which covers almost all problems. This range of systems belongs to the top in the market.