Kelvinator Air Conditioning

About the Brand Kelvinator and its History

Kelvinator is an American brand focusing mainly on the manufacture and development of refrigerator units and home appliances. The brand was founded in 1914 in Detroit, Michigan, USA by Nathaniel B. Wales, an American Engineer who had earned many patents for refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, etc. The company was named after Lord Kelvin, the scientist who discovered the concept of Absolute Zero. In the early stages, Kelvinator even constructed houses with its smart technology and sold them to the highest bidder. The cost was approximately 7000-8000 USD for a six-room house.

By 1926, their manufacturing unit was built in London, England allowing Kelvinator to spread their wings on foreign soil. Their products gradually gained popularity among foreign customers and allowed their exports to cross European soil too. Their main manufacturing unit burnt down in London by the late 1950s and was reconstructed later in Bromborough, Cheshire.

The next phase of the company was in military supplies till the end of 1945 during the World War II period. Later at the beginning of 1986, Kelvinator became defunct and their ownership was taken over by Electrolux AB, a Swedish company, later combining Kelvinator and Electrolux-owned brand Tappan to form WCI Major Appliances Group, later changing its name to Electrolux North America Products.

Kelvinator’s brand name was very valuable and the new owners maintained it. Today, their major focus is on air conditioners and refrigerators across the world. The same is applicable to the Australian market. With the focus being reduced to a few products, the company delivers some top quality stuff to keep their customers happy.

Product Range from Kelvinator in Australia

Air conditioners - This involves 2 models, the split system air conditioners and window/wall air conditioners. Split system air conditioners are mostly reverse cycle air conditioners, perfect for all weathers. Window/wall air conditioners are medium-range air conditioners that need a window space or hole on the wall for being attached.

Fridges - This involves 2 models, the top-mount refrigerator and the bottom-mounted refrigerator. The only difference between these models is the position of the freezer, which can be top or bottom.

Kelvinator air conditioners in Australia

Split system air conditioners

The most popular type of air conditioner today. Usually installed high on walls. The system has 2 components - the indoor and outdoor units. The indoor unit is the air conditioner that absorbs the air for conditioning and releases the air-conditioned air while the outdoor unit is the condenser with a fan. Being a reverse cycle air conditioner, it can cool down the space during hot summers and heat it up during harsh winters. The aircon is very efficient and tough along with its inverter technology which consumes less power.

Suitable for small rooms or spaces below 30 sq.m of area.

Window/Wall air conditioners

Needs a hole in the wall or a window space to be fixed inside the room. The condenser section and the air conditioning section are together. The part outside is the condenser section. Suitable for normal-sized rooms. This aircon is cheap compared to split models.

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