Kaden Air Conditioning

About the Brand, Kaden

Kaden is a purely Australian brand with its focus on HVAC-related systems for cooling and heating buildings and homes. They are not very popular around the globe as their sales are focused mainly on three countries, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States of America.

Kaden is a very old brand, introduced around the late 1920s. It is part of the Reece Group, which focuses on bathroom and plumbing solutions. Reece Limited, today is the largest producer and supplier of plumbing and bathroom supplies. Other areas of concentration by Reece Limited are; air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, civil, building, and irrigation products.

Reece Limited is in over 800 locations with about 8000-9000 employees. Their Headquarters are in Burwood, Australia.

Kaden, in comparison to other top brands, is not so popular abroad, but being an Australian brand, each product is created keeping in mind the necessities of Aussie’s day-to-day life. The main motto of Kaden was to create aircon and heating systems in a lasting but very straightforward format that even children can understand the way they work. Simplicity and a lack of complexity mark set their products apart from others.

Their simplicity and ease of design are often seen inside the product and not the outside. It is one of the simplest systems to service, install and repair today, across Australia.

HVAC products range from Kaden in Australia

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning

This range includes only the split air conditioners. It is usually mounted high on walls. It consumes less space and as it is located high on walls, it does not occupy any floor space. Suitable mostly for small areas under 30 sq.m like a bedroom or a small office. The system consists of 2 sections - the indoor unit that is the air conditioner and the outdoor unit, which is the condenser.

This system belongs to the category of reverse cycle air conditioners. It means that the single system can cool the rooms in the Summers and heat them in the Winters.

Being a smart system, it can manage and adjust the temperature according to the atmospheric temperature, or nominal temperature inside the room, making it efficient in consuming less power.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Highly efficient for heating or cooling large partitioned spaces or your entire house. All products in this series are smart systems for efficient working and less power consumption. A zoning facility is available that enables the users to select the regions where they want the heating or cooling to effect. It also contains one indoor and outdoor system.

Cassette Air Conditioning

Precise control over maintaining temperature with very little noise. Attached on the ceiling for uniform distribution of conditioned air. Suitable for large offices or rooms. Enhanced with 360-degree airflow technology and turbo mode for rapid air conditioning. The indoor system has a fan and an evaporator and the outdoor unit is the condenser. Versatile in design to suit the room design.

Gas Ducted Heating

It consists of a gas-burning chamber where the heat generated from the burning is used to heat the air absorbed from outside, then distributed through the ducts fitted on the ceiling. It is very useful even in negative temperatures, as the source of heat is gas. Two models are available in Australia - the external gas ducted heater which is a perfect replacement for your old system, and the universal gas ducted heater which is a smart system suitable for both old model homes and new homes as the design is flexible.

Evaporative cooling

These are designed for cool breezes at home during summers. Very budget-friendly and compact in design. Compared to the other systems, it is not suitable for extremely hot temperatures. There are two types of models - the contour-focused low-profile evaporative cooler and the classic model for all homes. Both are good for normal rooms and all provide moderate cooling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Kaden a good brand?
  2. Kaden is a purely Australian brand that manufactures its products keeping in mind the Australian climate and our requirements. It is very simple and not super costly. Service is also available everywhere. So, it is a good option for anyone.

  3. Is there a legit warranty for Kaden products?
  4. Yes. Most products come with a warranty that covers both internal and internal damage.

  5. Which aircon is suitable for covering the whole house?
  6. Opt for ducted air conditioning systems or maybe cassettes. It depends on the size and availability of space. Contact us for more queries.