CoolBreeze Air Conditioning

About the brand CoolBreeze and its air conditioners

Are you a proud Aussie who wants to buy products only from Australian companies? If yes, let us introduce you to CoolBreeze, a cool air conditioning brand from Perth, Western Australia. Introduced after 20 long years of research and studies about the needs of Australians -, this is a must-try for all fellow Aussies.

Good quality at a cheap cost - the only way to describe the brand. The air conditioners from CoolBreeze are evaporative types that are best suited for the hot dry climate of Australia. It is not only useful in cooling you down, but also in improving the air quality.

The Australian building rules need an update, as it still does not consider the temperature factor of Australia, especially the ill effects it has on us during Summers. So, an aircon is a must for any home here. Even newly built houses act as a trap for heat to stay inside because of the lack of shade and suitable ventilation systems.

Environmentally friendly to a limit, as it uses a refrigerant that can be considered less harmful compared to the rest in the industry. It is found through studies that this system consumes 70-78% less electricity compared to most brands here and thereby has a lower carbon footprint.

Once the electricity bills arrive, most families go into shock seeing the huge amount due to the usage of electricity by their aircon. So, having an aircon that consumes very little power to cool your home is a bonus. But, keep in mind, simply installing the CoolBreeze aircon is not enough. Make sure you don’t leave the aircon running when you go out or when not required.

CoolBreeze is a subsidiary of Airgroup, Australia, a privately-owned Australian leader in manufacturing and selling quality HVAC solutions including air conditioners. As per their owner, Mr. Devin McLevie, another attractive feature from CoolBreeze aircon is its 10-year warranty for both parts and labor. The reason for their confidence is because of the huge effort they have put in during the research and development stage of the air conditioner. Such efforts have led to the birth of an extremely tough product able to fight and win the war against the Australian climate.

The systems create less noise while working, below 7dB. Also, the cost of procuring spare parts is less and moreover, readily available in all parts of Australia.

The motor is made by Westinghouse, the most rated motor manufacturer of Australia with over a hundred years of experience. Also, built-in with magnetic-field technology for superior water level maintenance.

CoolBreeze, today is an upcoming brand not just in Australia but also in more than 25 countries including the Asian market. Even China, the biggest manufacturer of everything, takes aircon from this brand.

Air conditioners from CoolBreeze

The air conditioners come in 2 categories - for commercial use and in residential buildings

Residential is again classified into 2 - heritage models and the cascade model.

There is not much difference between the models and the installation is done on the ceiling in such a way that they are not easily detectable. With cooling capacities ranging between 95-255 sq.m, the systems are found suitable for both small and big rooms or spaces. Both the models are available in many colours to suit your decor and the colour of your ceiling. The systems are highly efficient, less power consuming, easy to maintain and install, and finally, - top quality stuff.

The commercial is classified into mobile and non-mobile.

Equipped with direct-drive under-fan motor for efficient work and better performance. They are suitable for large spaces like commercial offices, factories, plants, etc. Heavy capacity and better flow rate to assure uniform cooling to all sections of the space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are CoolBreeze air-cons cheap?
  2. Being a local brand and also designed and developed for all sorts of families, CoolBreeze is a very affordable brand with good quality products.

  3. How much warranty do we get for aircon from CoolBreeze?
  4. 10 years worth warranty for parts and labour. Pretty attractive right?

  5. Is this brand available everywhere in Australia?
  6. Being an Australian brand with a long history, the company has grown big enough to cover the entirety of Australia. No need to worry about spares, services, or anything. Everything is readily available.