Coolair Air Conditioning

The Coolair air conditioning system makes sure you enjoy a comfortable summer at home. It is part of Seley, an internationally recognized organization. Coolair produces the most efficient and reliable evaporative coolers in Australia. It not only provides cool air but also prevents nasty allergens and dirt, saves you up to 75 per cent on energy bills and will provide the flow of fresh air in your house.

Here are the best features of Coolair air conditioners:

Great looks

One of the most attractive features of the Coolair conditioner is its great looks. It comes in a great range of colours and has a design that can easily fit with your home's roofline.

Smart management

The Coolair cooling system of the whole house is managed by an electronic smart-control system. You just need to set the air conditioner and everything will operate on its own.

Chillcel cooling pads

Coolair air conditioners have chillcel cooling pads which make their performance better and more efficient. They provide better airflow, durable non-sag construction, and excellent dust control.

Coolair evaporative cooling

Evaporative cooling is the most economical and environmentally friendly way to cool air, as it uses less energy as compared to other means. Coolair's evaporative air conditioning systems are among the best in the market.

They use 80% less electricity than required, and provide a fresh breeze throughout your house. Moreover, the great benefit of Coolair evaporative air conditioning is that it produces just 20% of carbon emissions. It means there will be a less negative impact on the environment.

Benefits of evaporative cooling

The main benefits that Coolair evaporative cooling systems provide are;

Why choose Quick Air for Coolair installation and repair services?

If you want to equip your house with this most economical and amazing Coolair evaporative air conditioning system, then Quick Air can help you. We provide quality and professional installation and repair services for Coolair products. Our services are professional, highly reliable, and available whenever you need us.

Whether you want us to install a Coolair conditioning system at your place, or want us to replace filter pads or any repair service for your Coolair conditioning system, our team will help you with all. This is what you can expect from Quick Air:

Affordable rates

We offer amazing pricing plans for each of the services we provide. We care for our customers, making sure they don't have to pay any extra costs, other than required costs. For both major installation and minor repair services of Coolair air conditioner, we offer very affordable rates.

With our different pricing plans, controlling the payments will become easier for you. You can avail the most professional and reliable services from Quick Air at very affordable rates.

24 Hours Service

Quick Air cares for customers; therefore we won't leave you sweating on harsh summer days if your air conditioning system breaks. We make sure to provide our services 24/7 throughout the month. So, the moment you need Coolair air conditioner installation or repair service, you can contact us at 1300 730 896 and we will reach you in the shortest time possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How often do I need a maintenance service for my Coolair system?
  2. Some parts need regular maintenance such as filters of the air conditioning system. You can clean the filters on your own. Besides this, Coolair HVAC systems are low maintenance.

    But still, it is recommended to get maintenance service twice a year, to make sure the system works properly and lasts longer. Getting maintenance service will increase the lifespan of your HVAC system.

  3. What is the average lifespan of Coolair air conditioning systems?
  4. Coolair air conditioning systems are highly efficient and durable. But still, the durability of an HVAC system depends on a lot of factors such as weather, usage, maintenance, and environment.

    The lifespan of the HVAC system varies based on these factors. However, on average if the Coolair HVAC system is well maintained, it can last for almost 15 years.

  5. Do we get a warranty on Coolair products?
  6. Coolair air conditioning systems come with years of warranty. All the parts of the Coolair air conditioners are protected with a warranty. If you find any faulty part, the company will exchange it.

    But you will not get a warranty on the parts that need constant user maintenance and cleaning services such as air filters.

  7. What would I do if suddenly the Coolair HVAC system stopped working?
  8. Coolair air conditioning systems are very reliable and durable. So, there will be fewer chances of such situations. But if still this sort of issue arises, or any part of your HVAC system becomes damaged, make sure to contact Quick Air at 1300 730 896.

    Quick Air has a team of professionals who are highly skilled in fixing Coolair air conditioning system's issues. They will make sure your air conditioner works efficiently again and you will not face any problem.

  9. Is it safe to leave the Coolair conditioning system on when I'm not at home?
  10. Yes, it is completely safe, because Coolair offers a lot of advanced features that will make sure your HVAC system doesn't cause any issues when you aren't home. For example, you can operate your Coolair conditioning system from the Wi-Fi app.

    So, you can switch it off from anywhere even when you aren't home. Also, you can switch on the 8° C function of the air conditioner; it will protect the furniture of your house from frost damage. So, in your absence, the Coolair HVAC system will not cause any damage to the furniture.