Celair Air Conditioning

About the brand Celair

Celair can be considered as Australia’s very own brand. The main manufacturing unit is located in Adelaide, South Australia. This local brand is something we should closely consider as proud Aussies. Being in the air conditioning industry for more than 40 years, and being able to dominate a section of the market filled with top brands from abroad, we can clearly say that the quality and innovation behind their products are top-notch.

They offer a large range of products, from simple coolers to complex ducted heating systems and air conditioners (both residential and commercial).

Nowadays, they mainly focus on improving the quality and features of their own innovation: the ducted evaporative cooling systems.

As mentioned before, Celair is a pure Australian brand. So, they have a deep understanding of the Australian weather and more importantly, the likes of us Aussies. Thus, their product range is specially made to suit the taste of the local people and give them maximum comfort and value for their precious money. If you prefer to spend on local brands and thus, contribute to our nation, you will want to select products from Celair.

Product Range from Celair

1. Evaporative cooling units (heavy)

These are heavy-duty cooling units. This unit requires more power but is perfect for construction or the industrial field, where a heavy cooling requirement is needed for covering broad areas.

2. Evaporative Cooling units (light)

These are the normal units designed for houses or residential buildings. They require less space and are cost-effective. Power saving is one of the main highlights of this group of cooling units. Installation costs are less compared to heavy units. Perfect for cooling small or medium-sized rooms.

3. Evaporative mini coolers

Not so effective in harsh summers. It is a normal cooling unit, suitable for light usage. Much less cost and individual cooling focused design. As the main cooling component is water, the air coming out is super cool and light, but not up to the mark compared to the higher units or the air conditioning range.

What is meant by Evaporating cooling?

Evaporative cooling is also known as adiabatic cooling. Here, the hot air is made to pass through a water surface and the heat causes evaporation of the water, thereby cooling the passing air.

An evaporative cooling system works on this principle of evaporation only. The cooling system consists of a water reservoir through which the hot air passes, a thick padded layer, and a fan to regulate the flow of air. This type of cooling system is very useful in terms of being sustainable, eco-friendly up to an extent, and their ability to cool homes using little power consumption.

It is noted that the home temperature can go as low as 20 degrees Celsius with the help of such cooling units. This is very useful in maintaining a cool breeze throughout the space where the unit is fixed.

Compared to normal standard air conditioners that make use of compressors to move the refrigerant, here there is only a simple fan to make the airflow.

Why Quick Air over other service agencies?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long should we try to run the pump of the evaporative cooling unit?
  2. The evaporative cooling unit is supposed to run only when the water is full. Without water, the cooling fan will strain with no water and eventually burn out - causing you nothing but trouble.

  3. How do I clean the evaporative cooling system?
  4. As mentioned before, the cooling fluid is just water. Prolonged use of water especially in the humidifiers will cause fungus growth and if not cleaned regularly, there is a possibility that this fungus growth will damage your health.

  5. Does Quick Air provide a warranty for its services?
  6. Yes, we do. We have an expert team of technicians when it comes to serving you. So, we are confident in their skill set in repairing the systems allotted to them. We provide a warranty for the services and repairs we do due to this reason and also, we would like our customers to be at ease.

  7. Is Celair worth giving a try?
  8. Celair is an excellent brand with its origin in Australia. They have been in the air conditioning market for over 40 years. The one reason a local brand can stay in the market so long with a vast number of strong competitors is definitely because of its good quality and cutting-edge technology used in the products.