Breezair Air Conditioning

Breezair is the world's leading manufacturer of evaporative cooling systems. The company offers a wide range of choices in terms of unit sizes, and they are also known for the quietest air coolers. Furthermore, it provides over 5 years of warranty on its award-winning products.

We at Quick Air try to maximize customer satisfaction regarding the installation and repair of HVAC systems offered by Breezair. Our technicians have already installed thousands of Breezair units across Australia. We also know how to optimize the working of evaporative cooling technology to get the most out of it.

With years of experience in manufacturing evaporative coolers, you can trust that Breezair has your best interests at heart. They have been awarded multiple times for our superior quality and design, so you know you're getting one of the best products on the market today.

The company believes that every homeowner deserves the capacity to enjoy their home without worrying about their cooling bill. That's why they designed energy-efficient solutions to cater to the needs of varying domestic and commercial customers without sacrificing comfort or style.

Range of Breezair Air Conditioning Products


If you are looking for a top-notch evaporative cooling system for a commercial building with high static pressure, this Supercool EXS 220 from Breezair will be a perfect choice.

The use of a Hush Power motor on this device ensures maximum efficiency and enhanced control. Additionally, the engine helps you get the most out of the cooler when not running it on full load.


TBS 580 makes the perfect choice for people looking for a highly efficient cooler with minimum electricity consumption. The device does not utilize any chemical refrigerant to produce cool air. As a result, the freshness and aroma of the air remain intact throughout the building.

Additionally, utilizing a high-quality cooling solution such as Black Opal Chillcel pads ensure users enjoy maximum coolness.

3. Breezair Superstealth TBSI 580

TBSI 580 is the successor to the 580 series with lots of added features. The use of Superstateā„¢ axial fan eliminates noise and ensures the quieter operation of the system.

It is ideal for cases where large cooling spaces do not enable TBS 580 to be sufficient. The use of axial evaporative technology maximizes its performance and delivers consistent results throughout the building.

What Makes Breezair Different?

This is a question customers usually ask when they cannot differentiate Breezair evaporative air conditioners from the rest of their competitors. The company is entirely different from the crowd of sellers when it comes to the design and overall functioning of the device.

Let me make it simple for you to understand what sets it apart from others. Consider the following points, and you will have your answer.

1. Inverter Technology

Unlike many other evaporative coolers, devices from Breezair utilize the company's patented inverter technology to maximize customer convenience in terms of costs. This technology reduces the electricity consumption of coolers.

As a result, you will notice a significant decrease in your electricity bills once you install the cooling solutions provided by Breezair.

2. Reliable Water Management

The second most significant factor that enhances the value of Breezair air conditioning is excellent water management systems. Yes, you heard it right! The company has been able to design coolers that deliver flawless water management throughout its lifespan.

It includes efficient usage of water that ultimately reduces water consumption without sacrificing the quality of the air you desire. Additionally, the water distribution system in these systems is also highly reliable and helps deliver consistent cooling results throughout bigger buildings.

3. Chillcel Pads

Last but not least, Breezair now uses highly efficient Chillcel pads that have improved the quality of cool air significantly. Thanks to the water distribution system in the devices, these pads maximize cooling without wasting water. This is one of the factors not commonly seen with other evaporative conditioner suppliers.

Moreover, testing products at NATA accredited laboratories means the customers can expect superior quality products with lots of innovative features. The device is also believed to perform better than typical coolers.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call now to hire the services of experts at Quick Air. We can help you install, repair, service, and inspect your Breezair air conditioning system at a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Does a Breezair Evaporative Cooler Work?
  2. The working of the Breezair evaporative cooler is pretty straightforward. A fan brings the outside air and removes the heat and warmness with the help of cooling pads.

    The same fan pushes the cool air inside the building for a comfortable environment. It results in a significant drop in the temperature of spaces within the building.

  3. What Is an Evaporative Cooler?
  4. Evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, resemble air conditioners and work by cooling the temperature of a home.

    They do this using evaporative cooling, similar to how humans regulate their body temperature: When it's hot outside, we sweat to keep ourselves cool. As the sweat evaporates from our skin, it takes heat from our bodies, making us feel cooler.

    In the same way, evaporative coolers use a fan to blow outside air through moist pads that "sweat," removing heat and humidity from the air.

  5. Is Breezair Evaporative Cooling Better Than Split System?
  6. Evaporative cooling systems are best for people who want to use a cost-effective air conditioning system in a dry climate. There are several benefits to evaporative coolers, including that they're inexpensive and easy to install. They also use electricity more efficiently than air conditioners and require less maintenance than central units.

    Unlike air conditioners that work by using refrigerants that absorb and release heat energy, swamp coolers and evaporative coolers are passive appliances that cool homes by using natural cooling forces.

  7. Do Breezair Evaporative Coolers Cool a Room?
  8. Evaporative coolers and air conditioners work in different ways, but they both provide a way to cool the room by cooling the air. Evaporative coolers work by taking outside air, passing it through water and an evaporative material (usually a pad), which causes the air temperature to drop.

    On the other hand, air conditioning works by removing heat from an area and transferring it away. It uses a refrigerant that absorbs heat when it evaporates, then releases that heat into the atmosphere when it condenses.