Bonaire Air Conditioning

Bonaire has been serving its customers with efficient air conditioning systems for over 60 years in Australia as a market leader in cooling and heating appliances. Quick Air serves as a trusted Bonaire service provider and handles all the related installs and repairs professionally.

Bonaire covers a wide range of products and appliances for residential as well as commercial needs. If you cannot decide which Bonaire air conditioning system would serve you the best, this article will help you decide. First, let us take a look at the company Bonaire itself.


Bonaire aims to deliver the latest and most modern technology and produces highly productive and energy-efficient air conditioning systems. It serves as the leading company in heating and cooling systems.

Every single system at Bonaire is made with premium quality materials and is tested before leaving the factory. They assure to deliver the best quality and service alongside Quick Air for every single customer. Below you will learn about the product range and specifications offered by Bonaire.

Bonaire Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling is an energy-efficient and cost-effective way to keep your home cool. The high-tech evaporative coolers by Bonaire are made keeping in view the harsh Australian environmental conditions. Whether you want to cool down a single room or establish a system for your entire house, Bonaire evaporative cooling will do the job.

The appliances by Bonaire have less running costs and are more efficient than other appliances present in the market right now. The appliances in the range of Bonaire evaporative cooling come in all sizes and designs to fit everyone’s needs. Below is the list of all the products in this line:

Bonaire Optima Refrigeration Range

Delivering an unparalleled performance, the optima regeneration range by Bonaire is an innovative technology to comply with the climatic conditions of Australia. This range includes both options. If you want to air condition one room or an entire house cooling system (ducted system), there are many choices.

With its highly energy-efficient systems, it provides gas heating and refrigerated cooling, dual cycle systems. Their seamless designs add a lot of attraction to any space making your home/office more captivating. They offer numerous appliances and systems in the optima regeneration range; below is the list.

Bonaire Commercial Cooling

Whether you want to air condition a small room or an area as big as an automotive manufacturing plant, Bonaire has got you covered. Air Conditioning bigger areas such as commercial plants can use a lot of the budget. But Bonaire is a game-changer.

Bonaire has the motivation to manufacture highly effective yet energy-efficient systems for its customers. And that is what they are masters of. With Bonaire’s commercial cooling range, you can select any system to suit your needs without worrying about skyrocketing energy bills.

The systems in this range can cover any area from small to medium and large spaced. From the systems in the list below, choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Why Choose Quick Air for Bonaire Installations and Repairs?

Quick Air is a renowned service provider in Australia when it comes to heating and cooling systems. There is a 100 per cent guarantee of insured and quality work with highly trained professionals at Quick Air.

Bonaire is known as Australia’s best air conditioning systems manufacturer. The best quality products need the best quality services, which you will find at Quick Air. Of the numerous benefits you will get from us, below are a few of them:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I need a spare part for my Bonaire appliance?
  2. Bonaire has a separate line to manufacture spare parts for their appliances. If any part of your Bonaire appliance or system is out of order, the technicians at Quick Air can get that fixed for you with a new Bonaire spare part.

  3. How much maintenance do I need for my Bonaire appliances?
  4. To maintain the regular working of your Bonaire air conditioning systems, make sure to clean the filters once every week or two weeks. It will ensure that no dust particles accumulate in the filters and a nice airflow is maintained.

    Besides, you need to book a regular (an annual or biannual) HVAC Maintenance check-up to ensure that there is no fault in your system. It is best to consult and ask your service provider who has installed the system. They will guide you according to the model of your appliance.

  5. Why is the indoor unit of my air conditioner not working to its fullest?
  6. There can be many reasons for an underperforming indoor unit of your air conditioner. Check for the following things if the problem occurs:

    • Check if the air filters are clean
    • Check if there is an open space in your room (open window or door)
    • A lot of people in one room can also be the reason
    • Check if the inlet or the outlet is blocked
    • Check for a heating device in the room

If none of those mentioned above points is the reason, you should consider calling our repair service. The technicians at Quick Air will do the job for you with zero hassle. call us on 1300 730 896