Actron Air Conditioning

Living in Australia, we experience some very harsh summers. And to cope with the scorching heat, air conditioning has become an integral part of everyone’s life. Actron air conditioners are manufactured specifically according to Australian temperatures.

Actron provides easy air conditioning solutions for residential as well as commercial establishments. In 2019, Actron was recognized as one of the best-managed companies in Australia and qualified to manufacture world-leading air conditioning products.

There are a lot of products in the range of their energy-efficient and reliable products. Read below, and find details about all the appliances and systems that Actron manufactures. But let us first take a glimpse at the company itself.

Actron Air

As Australia’s locally owned air conditioning company, Actron manufactures appliances designed to perform in Australian conditions. Actron has been operating since 1984 and has made improvements every year utilizing the latest technology.

The company’s motive is to deliver unique solutions to its customers that no other company in the market offers. Providing colossal comfort in extreme heat, Actron stands out as the best air conditioning manufacturer in Australia.

1) Ducted Air Conditioning

The ducted air conditioning is the perfect solution to beat the heat in summers. Regular ducted systems come with outdoor units installed on the downside of the house, close to the house fence. But the Actron ducted air conditioners come with vertical discharge, making them a perfect fit for Australian homes.

They ensure greater energy efficiency, tremendous comfort, and more reliability than the traditional ducted HVAC systems. All the indoor units of ducted systems by Actron come with integrated zoning ready for up to 8 zones. Besides, the system includes a safety drain tray, removing the need to purchase any additional accessory.

There are various appliances and systems in the line of ducted air conditioning by Actron. Some of them are as follows:

2) Split Air Conditioning

Split air conditioning is the best option if you want to cool a single room. Actron air offers the serene series for its customers. The serene series includes air conditioners with a sleek design and are energy-efficient to keep your home warm and fresh during hot summers.

If you are looking for a cooling solution for your room, living area, or your office; Actron’s split air conditioner will do the job. The split air conditioners by Actron have a light gloss finish adding immense attraction to your space.

They also have an LED display for temperature setting and readings, making it easier to read. The user has the flexibility to set a timer on the system with half-hour increments. So with Actron’s split air conditioning units, no more worrying about sky-rocketing energy bills.

3) Multi-Split Air Conditioning

Actron’s MultiElite multi-split air conditioning is the perfect solution if you want to condition more than one room at a time without the hassle of laying a duct network in your home or office. In multi-split air conditioning, you can attach up to 5 indoor split air conditioners with one outdoor unit.

This system is ideal for homes and offices. The benefit of using a multi-split system is that it saves you a lot of space, and will help reduce the energy bills every month.

The customers have the choice to customize the split systems according to their particular needs. You can incorporate any of the following appliances in your home:

Why Choose Quick Air For Actron Installations and Repairs

When you decide to go with Australia’s best air conditioning brand, hiring Australia’s best installing and repair service providers becomes necessary. At Quick Air, you will find the assistance of highly experienced professionals. We provide the following facilities to our clients:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should be the size of the air conditioning system that I purchase?
  2. The size of the air conditioning system you want to purchase depends upon three things. Consider the following points before purchasing the system:

    • The area of the space you want to air condition
    • Insulation of your home/office (well-insulated homes maintain inside temperature, eliminating the need for intense cooling or heating by HVAC)
    • The climate of your area
  3. Should I buy a split or ducted system?
  4. Whether you should buy an air ducted system or a split air conditioner depends upon the differences between the two.

    The split air conditioner works best if you want to air condition a small space like a single room. The split systems offer advanced control options, like controlling the functioning of your air conditioner from a mobile app. In case you want to air condition your entire home, then the duct system will do the job.

    If you are okay with the appliance visible in your room, a split system will work fine. Their sleek designs do not detract from the beauty of your space. The duct system is completely installed in your ceiling and is invisible. The only visible parts are the vents located in the ceiling or the bottom of the walls.

  5. What is zoning?
  6. Zoning is a method by which you can divide your home into subsections. It is done so you can develop a plan to air condition each area properly. This practice ensures maximum comfort and efficiency.