Are you tired of the uneven cooling by your AC and thinking about an air conditioner repair? Do you believe that the air conditioning system is not working the way it should and not cooling the house properly?

Uneven cooling is a common air conditioner problem that  people experience. There can be many possible reasons, ranging from minor glitches to severe problems requiring a new air conditioner installation. Below are five reasons for you to understand the causes of uneven cooling.

1. Barred room vents

Before you come to any conclusions about the poor working of your air conditioner, ensure that all room vents are opened. Move furniture that is obstructing the flow of air. Make sure all vents are clear, and the cool air can reach the room and circulate.

2. Badly choked air filters

A blocked air filter can impede the whole air conditioner system. This is a primary rule for HVAC system care because a clogged-up air filter can create a multitude of problems for heating and cooling. We suggest checking on the filter every one to three months when you have AC problems like uneven cooling. It’s the filter that causes throttled airflow into the air conditioner resulting in uneven air distribution. Thus, before thinking about air conditioner repair, check the air filters first!

3. Defective thermostat

The problem may arise with a thermostat that is faulty and not reading exact temperatures. This will make the AC shut down prematurely before it can spread cool air to all the areas (or it could make the room temperature freezing, and stay on longer than expected). If you have different thermostats in your home with a zone control system, a failure in a single thermostat will result in unevenly cooling in that area.

4. Leaky air ducts

It’s easy to ignore the critical role of the ducts to evenly distribute the air around the house. If the ducts leak the air, the cool air will get away, and the air temperature will be raised heading towards the vents. This air conditioner problem can happen when the vents linked to the leaky ducts encounter a visible loss of cooling, and then the entire system will experience the trouble. A professional must be hired to seal the ducts properly.

5. An overaged AC

Uneven cooling can signify that your air conditioner is approaching its expiry date, and it’s no longer able to deliver. Check your AC’s age; if it’s over-the-hill and has passed 15+ years in your home, it’s time for a replacement. Even an air conditioning system working for more than ten years might be ready to expire. Before new air conditioner installation, call Quick Air at 1300 730 896. We provide budget-friendly repairs that will help the AC working for a few years more.

Lastly, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Try to schedule a regular air conditioner maintenance visit to avoid cooling problems with the changes in seasons.