You get your pool cleaned and your car serviced regularly to minimise repairs, maintain performance and prevent costly and time consuming breakdowns. It is equally important to get your hydronic heating system serviced regularly and at the very least once a year. Apart from the inconvenience of a breakdown, regular servicing will also prolong the life of your hydronic system and save you money in the long run because you have maintained the system's optimal performance for running efficiently. We invite you to read the following three good reasons to have your hydronic system serviced at least once a year.

1. To identify small issues and fix them before they become big issues

An accredited and qualified technician will perform a number of preventative checks to the system. As your hydronic heating relies on pushing water through a series of connecting tubes, a small leak or impediment to flow in any part of the system can cause more widespread issues. The technician will be looking for leaks, testing the pressure of the system and assessing the water quality. Also, he can easily detect any small issues in the system and take action to fix it before it becomes a more time consuming and costly exercise.

2. Testing to ensure the system is running efficiently

Our skilled technicians will test the water quality and general boiler function. The systems are complex in the sense they typically comprise a substantial amount of hardware (boiler, tubes and panels). The annual service ensures that the system is functioning optimally and efficiently because one of the decisions you made in purchasing the system in the first place was the energy cost savings that accrue over time. Servicing the heating system once a year ensures your energy bills continue to reflex the inherent cost savings of a hydronic heating system.

3. To maintain your warranty

Many of the newer installed systems come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty. For this warranty to remain valid, the terms of this warranty may require you to perform an annual service. The manufacturer also typically states that you need an accredited hydronic heater technician for the service and repair work. We have accredited technicians for most of the popular heating brands to ensure we are complying with the manufacturer's warranty terms and your warranty remains valid. Give us a call to book a technician on 1300 730 896