Our extreme Aussie summers are enough to make anyone consider getting a powerful air-conditioning system. But before you begin dreaming about cool, relaxing arvos, take some time out to find a professional air conditioning company. HVAC experts will not only educate you on the variety of AC brands in the market, (and there are quite a few!) but they will also assist you in finding an AC system that fits your needs and budget.

That was a short version of it.

Here are the detailed benefits of using professional services when choosing an air conditioning system:

1) Brands and varieties

Well-established air conditioner companies in your locality should ideally stock a wide variety of air conditioning systems. More importantly, they should be able to service and manage aircon installation for all the leading brands.

Added to which, there are varieties such as split system air conditioners, evaporative air conditioners, and ducted reverse cycle ACs. Professionals will advise you to avoid buying the wrong one for your requirements. Their installation teams or technicians will visit your house, study the space, and recommend accordingly.

2) Time and money

If you need an air conditioning system quickly and effortlessly, hire professionals. They’ll give you product information, do the booking and install the system before you can say… well a little longer than, ‘Jack Robinson’ but quick, nonetheless!

A well suited air conditioning system and professional installation will ensure product efficiency and keep your electricity bills under control. An installation done right the first time around, is a much quicker and inexpensive option to repetitive adjustments.

Also, if your AC installation is a pretty straightforward one, there will be minimal stress. But in case there is any complicated ductwork or structural changes involved, professional technicians would be preferable.

3) Safety and energy efficiency

Energy consumption can be a concern, but a professional HVAC provider will sell you an AC system that utilizes less power. Keep in mind the new Zoned Energy Rating Level adherence for AC systems entering the market this year. Ask your AC company or seller about this, and do your bit for the planet.

Choose an air conditioning system that is sure to be installed with expertise, serviced regularly, and repaired as soon as possible. A badly installed or neglected AC system can be dangerous for you, your family, and the environment.

4) Assurance and guarantee

You can trust professionals to give you the best service, in terms of quality, cost and time. Most top air conditioning companies offer a one year guarantee.

At Quick Air, we offer a variety of HVAC systems and repairs specific to your needs at competitive prices. Our preventative maintenance can help your system run in optimal condition throughout its lifespan.

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