Are you tired of using that clumsy old window AC, ruining your décor and wasting energy? In this article, we’re going to talk about high-tech, fancier ways to stay chilled in the long hot  days of summer. We can’t deny the fact that smart technology has modified our lifestyle. It all began with smartphones at the beginning of this century. From that time, the word “smart” has, bit by bit, been linked with nearly every form of technology we can depend upon, i.e., smart TVs, smartwatches, smart microwaves, smart cars, smart doors, smart fans, and the list never ends.

What is smart air conditioning?

In simple words, it is the consolidation of Wi-Fi capacities inside your AC, which makes it easy to operate the unit from your smartphone.  The latest smart AC thermostats and controllers deliver various advanced functions like location-based features, smart scheduling, history tracking, and humidity/ temperature triggers.

Will upgrading your air conditioner unit be cost-effective?

The answer is Yes! A new AC will save you money and improve design, better material, and the latest manufacturing techniques. Paired with fewer parts, air conditioner repair and service calls, your savings will increase faster than you might imagine. Ask yourself two questions before making any decision about upgrading your air conditioner:

  1. Do you need to hire a technician for air conditioner repair or maintenance too often?
  2. Do you feel depressed when you get your high utility bills?

If you answered, “yes” to both questions, it may be time for you to consider replacing your air conditioner with a smart AC.

Many people have an old air conditioner which doesn’t have smart features. Buying a smart AC can be heavy on your pocket, but it will save other bills; air conditioner repair/maintenance bill, technician bill, electricity bill, and the cost of those headache pills!

Smart air conditioners, controllers, and thermostats have added value to the everyday operations of any house.  Here are some effective methods by which you can upgrade your old AC.

1. Easier life with automation

Smart air conditioning technology brings updated features that are highly cost-effective because of their energy-saving results. Smart AC controllers can add brains to any regular ductless AC at a budget-friendly cost. These controllers connect your AC with Wi-Fi and let you control your air conditioner from anywhere. Advanced AC thermostats and controllers can be incorporated in windows, wall-mounted. Mini-splits, or any ductless AC.

2. Increased comfort

Automated modes, like intelligent temperature triggers and smart scheduling, provide comfort that was out of the question before this technology was invented. These features eliminate the need  to fidget with the running modes and temperatures all through the day. The smart air controller can sense the temperature with modes if it is extremely cold or hot, and then it lines up the temperature and operating modes automatically, without involving human intervention.

3. Saves energy

In the United States, 6% of the overall electricity produced is spent on air conditioners, resulting in the diffusion of around 117 million tons of CO in the air. In the summer season, energy bills can run almost $400, taking up a hefty chunk of monthly expenses. A smart AC smartly uses the temperature points and operating modes to accomplish the desired environment without allowing the AC to consume full power. This will help to lower the wattage consumption of the AC.

Lastly, if you have an old and standard AC and plan to buy a new air conditioner service, it looks like a massive investment. You can add mini-split thermostats to your ductless air conditioner. The controller adds various features like scheduling, location-based controls, notifications, humidity/ temperature triggers, and many more. These features will help upgrade your AC into a smart one.

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