Have you noticed that your ducted heating system is not warming your house as it was doing before, or it is not turning on? This can be the result of several reasons.

A ducted heater can be extremely helpful in maintaining and making your house warm in winters, particularly when the weather is freezing. There is nothing more irritating than getting out of bed during a chilly winter night to check why your ducted heater is not working. Even if you are using an old gas heater/furnace or a ducted heater, the reality will still be the same. It can collapse unexpectedly if you do not regularly check it and properly maintain it. 15-20 years is the typical lifespan of most ducted heating systems. Thus, if your heater is newer, then you can get it up and running if it is looked over and handled by a professional ducted heater service.

Here are the primary reasons why your ducted heating is not working?

1) The thermostat is not working

The top reason why your ducted heater has stopped working is that the thermostat is not working well. First, inspect the thermostat to observe whether it’s off. If that’s the situation, then switch it on and adjust the heat mode. If the thermostat is working on batteries, then you might need to replace the batteries.

2) The power supply needs maintenance

The electricity power supply is the primary source from which the heater or furnace receives power to switch on. So, the cause of your heater not functioning may be the power supply or a tripped circuit breaker. First, inspect the circuit panel/ breaker box to see the circuit breaker and check whether it has been blown or tripped. If this is the scenario, then you must contact a licensed electrician to fix the issue.

3) The Safety Switch

Most of furnaces and gas heating systems have a safety switch to prevents the burner and the fan from turning on when the access panel is removed. A safety switch is designed to protect people from an electric shock. If this switch is on, your heater will not work. Sometimes the safety switch can malfunction which prevents the heater from turning on. Contact a ducted heater service in that case.

You can avoid service calls if you see your ducted heater is not operating properly, check and fix these possible reasons first:

  1. Make sure the circuit breaker has not been blown, use the power off/on the button to reset the heater
  2. Examine the gas supply and ensure that the pilot light is switched ON
  3. Ensure that the filter is clean for the return air
  4. Make sure that at least seven outlets are entirely open
  5. Make sure that you have enabled the Manual mode after checking the batteries in a Thermostat

Try to troubleshoot it at home first. Otherwise, you can contact Quick Air. We have well-trained professionals with broad knowledge in repairs and maintenance of heating & cooling systems. You can reach out any time for ducted heater maintenance and repair services. We deliver premium-quality services and always offer honest recommendations to our customers. Call us at 1300 730 896.