Heater Not Working? When you need it most, on the coldest days of the year, that is when your heater will fail “of course” we hear you say. Common sense prevails, and after a process of mental elimination you know it’s not the unit itself or the thermostat. Nevertheless, there’s no hot air, from your unit anyway, even though the heater unit seems to be running okay!

Technical Issues Prevent Heating From Happening

Appropriately, safety features were steadily introduced after the 1990's to minimize the chances of your heater causing damage to your home or catching fire in the most extreme cases. Most notable are safety switches that shut the system down under specific situations. If the circumstances dictate, and the safety switch is triggered, it doesn’t matter what you do (or any other troubleshooting you may try), the heater will not fire up again until the issue has been properly diagnosed first and then fixed.

The safety switch will kick in when some of the following problems include:

  • Blocked pipes
  • Broken wires
  • Dirty coils
  • Dead control board
  • Burnt motors
  • Clogged air filters

We have a bunch of troubleshooting articles in our blog, but whatever the issue, when your heater refuses to start, we recommend that you get the assistance of a licensed HVAC contractor for further diagnosis, service and repair.

There is no gas - Heater stopped working

Depending on your heating system, the central air system will use a number of utility resources. It’s possible that it uses all or a combination of natural gas, electricity and water. It might be a simple fix, where a circuit breaker, for instance, has been triggered and simply needs reset.

If you know what you’re looking for, this is an easy fix. Our trained and friendly staff may be able to help you over the phone. However, if you’re worried or have any doubts better to trust your preferred specialist and book a licensed technician to diagnose and repair.

Your Heater Needs a Service and/or Preventative Maintenance

There are those weird times when your heater is working perfectly okay for a bit then simply stops blowing hot air or stops altogether. This may happen for the reasons outlined in the section above. However, we have also discovered that it’s often a matter of heater maintenance. Care needs to be taken the older a heater is and regular servicing and preventative maintenance are strongly recommended.

Owners often underestimate how effective heater maintenance is. We recommend regular heater preventative maintenance to maintain the effective and optimal operating performance of the system. Our expert technicians would much rather service your heater or air conditioning system regularly than receive that emergency call and have to make the infrequent but rather time-consuming and sometimes costly repair trip.

In a nutshell, regular heater service, and we’d suggest annually at least, has the following beneficial effects:

  • The heater is working more efficiently saving you money in the long run
  • The motor and other moving parts do so with less friction and better performance
  • Less gas is used to fuel the heaters
  • If there is a breakdown the repair tends to be less of a problem
  • Your central air system will last longer meaning the replacement costs are delayed

Call Quick Air today. One of our highly trained and friendly agents is waiting to take your call. They will be able to assist you over the phone with some basic troubleshooting. If the problem is beyond a casual phone diagnosis then our agents can schedule in one of our licensed technicians to make a home or office call to diagnose, repair, service or quote for new installation if this is required.

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