Maintaining your air conditioning unit is very handy when it comes to extending your HVAC’s system lifespan. Not only that, it reduces energy consumption by anywhere from 5 per cent to 15 per cent. Cleaning and replacing clogged filters keeps your HVAC system running effectively throughout the summer season.

Signs that You Need to Clean or Replace Your AC’s Filters

Quick Air has prepared a list of some clues indicating that you should clean or replace the old filters with the new ones.

1) Your AC Unit Is Too Hot

An overheating air conditioning unit signifies that the filters aren’t clean. If the filters of your AC are not clean and are full of dirt, it will have to work harder to push the air, putting more pressure on the condenser - causing it to produce more heat.

Overheating reduces the lifespan and efficiency of your HVAC system. However, regular maintenance and replacing the filters increases the durability.

2) Produces Warm Air

Air conditioners are supposed to supply your home with fresh indoor air. However, if it starts producing warm air, dirty air filters are to be blamed. Furthermore, dirty filters make it hard for the cold air to pass through, causing uncomfortable temperatures.

Is your air conditioner still producing warm air even after cleaning or replacing the filters? At Quick Air, we have experts that help in navigating and addressing the problem.

3) Freezing Up

Have you come across a situation where when you turn on the AC, it gives warm air? Negative thoughts creep into your head, is something wrong with my HVAC system? This season is probably hotter than last year and so on. Clogged filters can be a sign of frozen AC coils, as they restrict the airflow of cold air that, in turn, causes it to build up inside the HVAC system – resulting in an accumulation of ice around the evaporator coils.

Why Should You Clean the Filters?

There are several reasons that you should consider replacing and cleaning the filter. Let’s get into it:

1) Better Energy Efficiency

Dirty filters require more energy to operate, increasing energy consumption which, in turn, results in increased energy bills and ineffective cooling. What to do about it? Consider changing or cleaning the air filters; because if you do that, your AC doesn’t require as much energy to operate; an energy-saving option.

2) Improves the Life of Your Air Conditioning Unit

A dirty filter usually ends up blocking the airflow that reduces the efficiency of your HVAC system significantly. Extending the life span and enhancing the efficiency of your air conditioning unit starts with clean filters.

3) Improves the Quality of Indoor Air

Air filters of your HVAC systems are responsible for filtering out the grime, dirt, and other pollen particles from the air that might put your and your family’s life at risk. With that, cleaning the air filters ensures your home smells better and has less dust.

How Often Should the Filters be Cleaned?

Generally, you should consider cleaning your air conditioning unit’s filter every two weeks within the indoor units. However, you should clean the filters regularly if you are living in a polluted and dusty environment.


Are you having issues with your HVAC system and would like to know about replacing or cleaning the filters? You have come to the right place! At Quick Air, we have HVAC tech experts catering to all your HVAC system’s needs. Call us at 1300 730 896.