There are many reasons for the breakdown of an air conditioner. You may need to find a better company to perform your air conditioner repair. Different issues are solved by different solutions. One of the most common faults of an air conditioner is the stopping of the fans.

At times, fans are stopped while the system keeps on running.

The spinning of fans is important for the cooling of the room or home. You have to take steps to see if your air conditioners’ fans are not spinning. A timely solution to this problem will spare you from more problems.

Many factors can cause A/C fans to stop spinning

1) Capacitor Issues

A dead capacitor is one of the main causes of the stoppage of spinning of the fans. Capacitors in an air conditioner are small in size. They are cylinder components and send energy signals to give power to the fan motor. They are also responsible for giving power to the rest of the A/C unit. All of the air conditioning systems have many types of capacitors. They include start capacitors, which are used for sending signals to the motor. Apart from that, there are run capacitors which are used for running the motor.

2) Power Problems

At times, there is simply a power problem that can stop the spinning of the fans. Tripping of the circuit breaker due to overheating can also be the cause of spinning failure. The A/C stops working if any of such problems occur. Flipping the switch at the circuit breaker is the best response for this.

3) Fan Motor Issues

A Burned out fan motor is another common reason that stops the working of fans. As the fan's motors get older, they can cause serious issues. The changing of the fan motors is very expensive. They can also lead to changing of the whole system of air conditioning.

4) Blockage of Air Filter

A blockage in an air filter stops the airflow that results in a  buildup of ice. This adds more stress on the fans of an air conditioner and can cause its failure. Changing the filter is the most important factor in that matter. Timely changing of the filters will avoid the total failure of the system. It will help save your time and money.

5) Faults in the Belt

The air conditioner maintenance must be done regularly. It will help to take care of the belts of the condensers. Condensers of older air conditioners use belts. Slipping or breakings of the belts are reasons for the stoppage of spinning as well. You have to replace them on time.

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