Preparing for winter means getting your jackets, hoodies, and other warm clothes out. But for times when the weather outside is cold, you need warmth inside too! You can’t be wearing a puffer jacket at home all day when it is cold. Thanks to heaters, you can stay warm inside your home without having to wear a hundred layers of clothes.

But a heater is not a one-size-fits-all. While central heating might work well for large spaces, it is not the perfect option for small rooms. None of us wants to get in the hassle of frequent heater repair only for picking the wrong heater type.

So, which type of heater is ideal for your bedroom? Is central heating a viable option for living rooms? Below, we will guide you through how to pick the best heater for your space.

1. Garage

Working in the garage will get you all sweaty in summers, but in winters, too, no one loves the idea of working on a cold floor unless you have a  heater installed from a trusted company like Quick Air. Putting on thick gloves or boots is not an option as it restricts your movement while working.

But again, no one wants to invest in a fancy heater for their garage. If you are seeking affordable options, propane-powered heaters are a great choice, as they give enough heat that you and your garage need. All you need to do is attach the heater to the propane tank’s top, and you are good to go.

2. Living Rooms

The idea of heating up the living room always reminds us of the good-old fireplace where we can sit with a cup of coffee. But fireplaces are a thing of the past as fireplace heaters have replaced them.

Fireplace heaters are a great choice for your living room, if you want to maintain that traditional fireplace look but with a modern blend. They do not require frequent heater repair, and hence are easy to maintain.

3. Small Rooms

Besides our bedroom, there are other places around the house like the store or study where we wish to have consistent heating. Investing in a good convection heater can save you from the cost of heater repair.

Convection heaters take the lead when it comes to heating both large and small spaces. This means that you can install a convection heater both in your master bedroom and your study. These heaters do not demand frequent heater service, so the cost of maintenance is low too!

4. Large rooms

Owning a large double-story or triple-storey home means that you have ample space to heat up. In cases like this, the ordinary radiant or convection heaters are not the perfect choice, as you might end up requiring more heater repair than you imagined.

This is where central heating steps in to save you from the chilling cold and the cost of heater service. A central heating system maintains a constant temperature throughout your home by keeping your rooms warm and cosy. For the heating source, you can choose between hydronic and gas.

After heater installation, we can sit comfortably with a cup of coffee without having to worry about the freezing cold weather outside. If you are looking for a company that has your back in heater service, repair, and maintenance, then Quick Air is here to serve you.

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