Heating your home/office in winter needn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Of course, all devices cost money to run, but some are energy efficient and therefore cheaper, as they are reliable and efficient in particular types of spaces. We, at Quick air Technician, have done extensive research on electrical heaters and discovered some types of heaters that won’t torpedo your utility budget.

What is the most cost-effective electric heater?

Here’s a list of 5 cheaper heaters to run in Australia, let’s find out their features to make a wise choice.

  1. Infrared Heater

These heaters emit gentle heat constantly that’s similar to the sun. That means they add warmth to the objects and not the air. On the contrary, a normal heater heats up the air around. An infrared can provide heat to the people, furniture, or other objects in front of it, and these hot objects will then add warmth to the air. Some of their benefits are;

  • Enhanced heater efficiency - The users can feel the heat immediately and the whole room heats up over time.
  • The heat is 100% safe and healthy, as it’s just like the sun.
  • They look great and the heater installation can be done as a ceiling, freestanding, panel, or wall heaters.

1) Ceramic Heaters

These heaters work by adding warmth to the ceramic heating elements which later adds heat to the surrounding air. They also have a built-in fan to disperse the hot air around. Ceramic heaters are standard heaters. The cost depends upon the wattage and the number of hours of usage. They are available in numerous shapes and designs, so you can choose your style. They can be easily set up and moved around.

Perks of choosing a ceramic heater include super low cost, digital controls, programmable timer, and fully modern electric heater look.

2) Space heaters

These standard heaters use fans to move hot air around the area. They look great and perform best when you want fast heating. Open doors and cold drafts can affect the dispersion of hot air. They can be bought by paying the low up-front costs, but in the long haul, they can be pricier than other options. They can be an ideal choice if you use them appropriately. It can heat up your room in 60 minutes, after that you can switch to low power mode.

3) Oil-filled heaters

The name can sound too old-school, but the updated version of these heaters is super-efficient. If you are thinking of buying a heater, they are the best choice to keep your energy bill low and provide perfect heating. They have a built-in digital timer and keep your space warm for longer than the other heaters. With a timer and fully digital controls, they maintain a warm temperature by switching between the low and high settings.

4) Storage heaters

Storage heaters are a little pricier than the other heaters but they can be really efficient for saving electricity. They work on the principle of electricity storage. They are manufactured with electricity tariffs that have off-peak and cheap hours. They use electricity at night and store it in their thermal bricks. They use that electricity in the daytime and heat just like normal heaters. They save around 50% of your electricity cost. They may cost up to $400, but it will be a lifetime investment for you.


Electric heaters can be an ideal solution during winters. Unlike gas, they only need a plug socket and you don’t have to be worried about the ventilation. Hopefully, the above guide has helped narrow down some great options to buy a heater. At Quick Air, we promise to deliver cheap, satisfactory, and 100% safe heater repair, heater installation, and other services. You can call us any time and book relevant services. We can also guide you in choosing the best option for your home.