Do you have a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner? Wondering whether it needs to have a service carried out? If you read on, you will discover absolutely everything that you need to know.

Does the system need to be serviced?

Absolutely. Just like any other major appliance in your home, your ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is going to need to be put through a service on occasion. If you don't, then you can look forward to replacing that system sooner as opposed to later. You will probably be enjoying higher energy bills too.

The service should start from the very first year that you buy your system. This isn't something that you can wait a while on. As soon as that system has been put to work for a few months, it needs to be cleaned out by a professional.

What happens if you do not service your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning?

You have to remember that there is a lot of dust floating around your home. Your system is going to be sucking this dust in. It won't be long before the system starts to get clogged up. This can result in a number of different problems.

The main problem is that your system is going to become less efficient. It now needs to put in more effort to keep your room and the same temperature it did before. This is going to put a major dampener on your energy bills.

Since all the components will now be working harder, they are also going to start to wear down quicker. This means that your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is going to reach the end of its life a lot quicker. In fact, a system that is never cleaned can easily halve its lifespan.

Remember; wear and tear on systems with moving parts is completely normal. It can't really be prevented. What can be prevented, however, is catching the smaller issues early. If you can deal with small air conditioner problems as soon as possible, they are less likely to develop into major, expensive problems.

We know that some people will see a service as expensive. However, we can assure you that it is a lot cheaper than having a whole new system installed on your property.

How often should you have a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning service carried out?

Ideally, you would want to ensure that you have a service carried out at least once per year, although many people will have it carried out twice. If you have your system serviced less frequently than this, then you will likely run into the issues that we discussed before. Your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system may even give up working altogether, and that will be a rather costly replacement.

Remember; you should only be working with companies that specialize in ducted reverse cycle air conditioning service. This way, you can be positive that your system is in the best possible hands. This will help to ensure that not only does it last as long as possible, but it is also incredibly efficient too.