As the hot summer arrives, an efficient air conditioner can offer much-needed comfort. Undoubtedly, ducted air conditioning is very popular to keep your home comfortable all year round. Such a system can maintain the desired temperature. A reliable air conditioner service can keep your unit working longer.

However, it’s important to understand the working mechanism of your ducted air conditioner. There are some key components you should know about, such as compressor, condenser, and evaporator coil.

Let’s take a look at the working mechanism of each key component.

1) Compressor

It is one of the most vital parts of a ducted air conditioning system. Due to its function, a compressor is also known as the engine of HVAC. It tends to work together with the working fluid. As the name suggests, the whole working mechanism relies on this fluid. Most importantly, the primary function of the compressor is to convert a low-pressure gas into a high-pressure one.

2) Condenser

As the liquid flows through the coils, a blower fan is used to dissipate some of the heat. After that, the liquid passes through an expansion valve. The purpose of the expansion valve is to further depressurize the liquid and cool it down. Once it has been cooled down, the liquid passes through the evaporator to repeat the cycle.

3) Expansion Valve

As we discussed already in the above step, the liquid enters the expansion valve after passing through the condenser coils. As the liquid reaches the expansion valve, it is still too hot to flow through the evaporator. For this reason, the refrigerant must be cooled down. The expansion valve serves the purpose of cooling liquid down before it passes to the evaporator.

4) Evaporator coil

Evaporator coils are crucial to any air conditioner, no matter the ducted or split system. As the liquid is already cooled down in the expansion valve, it passes through the evaporator coils. Evaporator coils are usually copper tubes. When air blows over these cold coils, they can absorb the heat from inside your home. According to the 2nd law of thermodynamics, heat always flows from a hot to a cold body.

5) Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is another important part of an HVAC system. If you want to maintain the desired temperature, a thermostat is the way to go. The features of the thermostat may vary from model to model. Therefore, a professional HVAC technician can help install the most suitable thermostat for your air conditioner.

These five are the most important components of a ducted air conditioner. All you need is to schedule annual air conditioner maintenance service to ensure the optimum working of your system. Quick Air offers a range of services to meet all your cooling and heating needs. Our experts have years of combined experience in providing unmatched HVAC solutions. If your A/C is not working well, we can help fix the issue in a timely manner. Give us a call today at 1300 730 896 to book an appointment with our expert technicians