The ducted heating system is a very common method used by several people to provide warmth to their entire house. It is a luxury in colder places, as it can help warm you up quite efficiently. Not only this, but ducted heating systems are also cheaper in the long run, which makes them quite a popular unit to have installed.

Although all this may be true, you should always be aware of the problems that might occur while you use this system. This makes it easier for you to understand why your heater isn’t running efficiently, and you can choose to fix the heater problems yourself without having to order another system or spend any extra money on technicians. Here are a couple of problems and their solutions.

1) Ducted heating system blowing cold air

If your heater suddenly starts to blow out cold air when you’re already shivering, the very first thing you should be checking is your thermostat. It may be at the wrong temperature. If you’re sure that the settings on the thermostat are correct, your pilot light may have gone out. Make sure that it is lit and ensure gas flow.

2) Heater won’t turn on

This happens when your pilot light might either be dirty or faulty. Remove the pilot light first, after referring to the manual provided to you by the company. Clean the light using sandpaper to remove any dirt. Replace it into the original position, redo all the steps needed after this, and try turning the heater on.

3) The heater won’t shut off

This may seem like a very basic thing to do, but it’s the first thing you should have in your mind when your heater just doesn’t turn off. Check if your thermostat is at ‘auto’ rather than at ‘on’. If your heater doesn’t shut off even after you try this, it means that your thermostat has broken. Plug in everything correctly, and then call Quick Air at 1300 730 896 to fix this as soon as possible. We provide ducting system service and maintenance and can get the job done in no time.

4)  A burning smell is coming from the heater

It’s pretty normal for a ducted heating system to smell a little unpleasant when it hasn’t been used for a while. This is because dust might have accumulated in it. However, if the smell doesn’t go away after a few minutes, unplug it immediately, as it might be very dangerous if you don’t do so. Clean the dust away, and turn it back on.

5)  Mould has accumulated in the furnace

If your surroundings suddenly start to smell bad because of your heating system, it might be because moisture buildup has allowed mould to grow in it. To avoid this, you should get the heating system cleaned every year by a professional ducted heating service and change your air filters whenever you have the time. The ducted system professionals will make sure that the ducts are insulated properly so that this doesn’t happen again.