Homeowners know it well that an air conditioner is the most expensive things they have spent on. They maintain it regularly so that it provides both heating and cooling accurately. But, it's a product, everything has its expiry. No matter, how branded your AC is, it needs to be replaced when required.

Is your AC giving a good air quality as before? Has it becomes extra noisy? If you have observed such things, then you should know that it's time to say goodbye to your AC. What else you should know in order to confirm that the time has come to replace your air conditioning system. This can be basically known if you answer these five questions in a positive manner.

  1. Is Your AC is more than 10 Years Old?
    Remember the year, you installed the system. If it exceeds more than ten years, notice the changes in it. Generally, major components began to deteriorate after certain years. Not every modern air conditioner is durable. So, start looking for the new AC.

  2. How Much Does Your Air Conditioning Repair Cost You?
    Make sure whenever you call for air conditioning service professionals, it won't cost you more than half of the actual cost of the AC. If this happens many times, be alert. Don't spend much on repairing, browse for a new one.

  3. Are the Energy Bills Increasing Every Month?
    Without any doubt, analyse your AC at first. High energy bills hike as there is a decline in efficiency in the heating and cooling process.

  4. Have You Noticed the Dust throughout the Room While AC is running?
    This is a significant sign to get noticed. Besides providing heating and cooling, AC is responsible for air ventilation. But, if there is an increase in the amount of dust through your AC, even after maintenance, its efficiency is declined. Don't use the AC during such time.

  5. Is Your AC Giving Unusual Smells and Odd Sounds?
    Don't neglect these both at any cost. Unusual smells and odd sounds don't occur due to change in seasons. Whenever you notice such thing, inspect your AC by turning it off. However, take professional help immediately if you have no idea about it.

So, if you have answered these questions as 'yes', then you are smart enough of what to do next. No matter, which season is going on, AC processing and functioning can be reduced after a particular tenure. Keep a check on it. Whenever you call and avail air conditioning services, always ask about the upgrading of the heating and cooling system. An expert can tell about the remaining durability of your AC so that you stay prepared for the future.

Even if you are still not sure if your AC needs to be replaced, call our heating and cooling service professionals today. But, when you come to know that your air conditioner has to be replaced, don't use it; else your home will have humidity problems. Buy the new one- Happy Browsing!