Heating systems are constantly evolving. Radiant floor heating dates as far as the Roman Empire. That is not to say it was the same as the sophisticated electric heated floor system we enjoy now, but the idea is not a novel one.

On a chilly winter night, having clean, quiet, and classic heated floors is an ideal way of keeping your house warm while saving energy. Plus, the heating system allows you to customize your house without anything heating-related getting in the way. But, before you dive in, go through these 3 considerations, so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

What’s your budget?

Installing heated floors means you’re going to feel a dent in your budget. However, remember that the heating system will depend on the size and age of your home. Is it new enough for the system to be installed into the slab before construction is completed?

If you’re renovating, the cost will hinge on how easy the process of installation is and lifting your existing floor. Meaning, do you require more people to do the job? This will increase the expenses, so inform your budget accordingly. Consult professionals to understand your floor plan and calculate how much you will have to spend.

What’s the best-suited heat source?

Of course, installing a heating system means you’re going to have to consider the type of heat source you plan on using. In places like Australia that are getting the hang of heating systems, hydronic radiant flooring systems work perfectly for them. This is because these are heated by gas boilers that have a low installation cost.

While the investment cost is low, with increasing gas prices, there is a likelihood of higher running costs. The alternative is looking for an electric  floor heating pump, that is great for properties that do not have gas connections. While these are a more expensive alternative, the running costs are low, especially if you decide to install solar panels with them.

However, the decision is yours. Decide on a heating system according to your budget as YOU are the one that will have to figure out your daily expenses.

What’s the floor sizing?

Have you thought about whether you want the heating system all over your house or just certain rooms? The number of rooms that you decide on also helps determine your budget and the type of heating you should install.

If you’re considering just bedrooms and bathrooms, then an electric heating system will be a good option. As these cover a smaller area, you’re going to get away with a reduced electric bill. However, if you want to heat up your entire house’s floors, a hydronic system is a much better and cost-effective option.

To reiterate, all types of heating systems are a great way to keep you warm and cozy. But before you make the decision to invest in one, consult professionals that can help you understand your house and which system will work best for you in the long run. Quick Air not only helps you decide your next move, but is a team of licensed professionals that can service, repair, and install heating systems, among other home appliances.