Is your air conditioner system not running properly? Here are a couple of tips that can help you to diagnose the problem! Remember, if the problem seems to be serious, then get in touch with a ducted air conditioner service. This way, you can be sure that the problem is solved properly and quickly.

1. The Temperature Isn't Correct

If the AC isn't cooling down to the temperature that you want, there could be a problem with the thermostat. So, check the temperature that you have set it to. 90% of the time, most people realize that they set the thermostat to the wrong temperature. If everything seems to be 'in order', then you will probably need to talk to an air conditioner repair expert. He can either fix the thermostat or replace it.

In some cases, inconsistent temperatures around the home could be due to torn ductwork or blocked air filters. While you could probably deal with the filter issue yourself, torn ductwork will need a professional on the case.

2. The AC isn't turning on

This could mean a blown fuse. While it could mean that the entire ducted air conditioning installation has broken, this is very rare. In the majority of cases, replacing the fuse is enough to get the system up and running again.

3. The AC keeps turning itself off

If the ac keeps switching itself off and appears to be tripping the circuit breaker in your home, then there is likely an electrical fault in your system. This is not a problem you can deal with yourself. Call in an expert. This problem indicates that the air conditioning system is drawing more power than it needs. It is causing a power surge. The circuit breaker tripping is a way to protect electrical equipment, but you can still cause lasting damage to your system if the problem isn't dealt with sooner than later.

4. Dust blowing around your home

This is an easy problem to diagnose. If dust is being blown around your home, then it means that the filters in the system have become clogged. Cleaning or replacing the filters should fix this problem.

5. Gas Smell from the AC

This is a serious issue. If your air conditioner runs on gas, then there is a leak somewhere. Switch the system off immediately and get in touch with a repair team. Do not use the AC until the gas leak has been fixed. You could be putting your life at risk.

6. Noisy Fan Motors

This is a sign that your fan motors have become clogged with dust. This normally happens if the ducted air conditioner hasn't been serviced in a while. You can clean the fan motors yourself, but it is always worth working with a professional to be sure that it is done properly.

Remember, the vast majority of the problems on this page can be alleviated by having a regular air conditioner service carried out on your ducted air conditioning system. At the minimum, you should have a service carried out at least once per year.