Split system air conditioners refer to the traditional air conditioning systems found in most residential and commercial buildings. As suggested by their name, the setup of split air conditioners consists of two separate parts, including a condenser and an evaporative coil. The condenser makes up the outdoor unit while the evaporative coil forms the indoor unit.

Notably, split system air conditioners have remained quite popular with property owners, thanks to their numerous advantages. However, with the emergence of ducted systems and other packed air con systems, homeowners now have more options as far as choosing their preferred air conditioning system is concerned.

Below we discuss a few things about split system air conditioner installation, repair, and maintenance. The information provided herein can help you determine whether this type of air conditioner is the right choice for your home.

1. They are Affordable

Split systems are extremely affordable in nearly every aspect. Property owners prefer these systems simply because they are inexpensive. For instance, a split system air conditioner installation is cheaper since you do not have to install ductwork. Moreover, they consume less energy compared to traditional units, subsequently translating to lower power bills.

2. They Operate Independently

Split air conditioners operate independently unlike conventional systems that require you to turn on the entire system even if you are only conditioning one room. In essence, you can operate the wall units of the split conditioner independently of each other without turning on the entire system. Each room can have its own thermostat, meaning that people do not have to fight about conditioning their spaces.

3. They are Quiet

A split system is capable of delivering a quieter performance than most of its competitors. You will never know that a split system conditioner is turned on unless you come closer to it. This makes them ideal for noise-sensitive areas such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and eldercare facilities.

Besides the quiet performance, the quality of air produced by split system air conditioners is impeccable. These systems come with sophisticated filters and air grills that are capable of removing dust that particulates seamlessly.

4. Blend Well With Home Decor

In terms of aesthetics, split system air conditioners are strikingly sleek and elegant. They can blend well with any type of walls and home decor. Moreover, they are less obstructive and you can install your indoor wall units close to 30 metres from the external unit thus giving you more space for the repair or replacement.

5. Easy To Maintain

You do not have to worry about your split system malfunctioning any time soon. Considering no ducts are used, split system air conditioner maintenance is comparatively easy. You only need to clean the filters and air grills to keep it in top shape. This goes a long way to cut down on maintenance and repair costs.

Despite the influx of new air conditioning technologies, there is no doubt that split system air conditioners are here to stay. After all, they are cheaper, quiet and easy to maintain.