Central AC systems and their efficiency have always been a debatable topic when it comes to choosing the best AC system for your home. With multiple myths and misconceptions, your judgment might be clouded. However, a central AC system will be the best choice for your home without a doubt!

Here are some common misconceptions that you may have heard about central AC systems and why you shouldn’t believe them!

1. Installation of Central AC systems requires significant remodeling

Even though this could’ve been a serious issue earlier, a central AC system does not require significant remodeling anymore. Through developments, the systems are much more efficient and easier to install now without you having to make major architectural changes around the house! Due to this reason, it is not only easier to install, but easier to repair as well, and with the help of our well-trained technicians at Quick Air, it will be a seamless process for you!

2. Central AC systems are noisy

Contrary to popular belief, Central AC systems are usually the most noise-less system in your house that will allow you to sleep peacefully. However, if you ignore regular maintenance and repairs, your system may warn you about it through various noises. Therefore, it is better to prevent that from happening by scheduling regular maintenance to keep your AC system efficient.

3. Running Central AC Systems is expensive

Central AC systems, on the contrary, are a lot more efficient and low cost compared to other types of AC systems. Central AC systems maintain a cool indoor environment throughout the house, which allows it to conserve energy and time. Another possible reason for the high cost of energy bills may be a leakage in the vents and ductwork; therefore, constant maintenance is a must. Through trained technicians at Quick Air, you can get your Central AC systems regularly checked and maintained to avoid any inconvenience and permanent damage.

4. Central AC systems must be turned off when there is no one home

Even though this is a common misconception and people believe it to be a way to save energy, that is often not the case. While the central AC system is turned off, the indoor spaces tend to get more humid and warmer, and it will take the central AC system longer to gain and maintain a balanced temperature. This often takes longer and uses up more energy than leaving the Central AC system on throughout the day.

5. A High-Quality Central AC system may not require regular maintenance

A central AC system must be routinely examined and maintained for any leakages, airflow problems, and potential concerns, even if it appears to be working fine. In this way, you may prevent irreversible damage from taking place, and any required services may also be fixed promptly.

Schedule regular maintenance at the Quick Air to have a seamless and problem-free Central AC system experience!

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