Imagine waking up, and your house is freezing? Keeping your furnace working effectively in your home will prevent such an unpleasant occurrence.. Thankfully, Quick Air will always be a call away if you need any furnace tune-up. So, how do you know that your furnace requires a tune-up? Here are the top indicators you should be aware of.

1) High electric bills

The first sign that should indicate that there might be something wrong with your furnace is higher than normal electricity bills. When the unit isn’t working correctly, it’s likely to cost you more money in terms of electricity bills. That’s because the system has to work twice as hard to ensure your home is comfortable; meaning your furnace isn’t working at its peak efficiency.

2) Abnormal smells

On the first day of installation, your furnace might have a pungent smell. But that’s absolutely normal, and the smell will go away after continued use. However, if you notice a lingering odor or a smell that appears out of the blue, your furnace will require servicing.

Strong smells are indicators that your furnace is producing Aldehydes, which is a by-product of imperfect combustion. If your furnace burns properly, it won't produce any strong smell.

3) Difficulty starting

When your furnace gets older, it will require more servicing and maintenance. Eventually, you will find that you may experience difficulty starting the unit. There come days when you might find that your furnace will require you to start it up more than once in a single day.

When that happens, you will need to talk to a professional on the matter, as it may be something fixable.

4) Uneven heating

Another clear sign that your furnace might need servicing is when you find out that it’s doing a poor job at maintaining an even temperature. When your furnace is working as effectively as possible, you shouldn’t find cold spots anywhere in the house.

But it would help if you understand that not all parts of the house are likely to have the same temperature. For instance, the basement is naturally cooler than the upstairs. However, if you find radical temperature changes at different house spots in the same environment, that’s because your furnace needs servicing.

5) Strange Noises

The last sign that you should look out for is when your furnace starts to produce strange noises. Most furnaces have a healthy whirring sound that’s subtle. That sound comes in handy since it will let you know that your furnace is working perfectly.

But if you start hearing strange sounds like rattling, banging, or irregular hums, that suggests there’s something wrong with your furnace. And if the noise doesn’t go away, it’s time to talk to a professional.

Before you go…

Furnaces are essential parts of any home. As a matter of fact, they help create that perfect warm, homey feeling. That’s why it’s crucial to take care of it, especially if it needs servicing. If you need any help with your furnace, be sure to contact Quick Air for assistance. Call us at 1300 730 896 to make a booking with our experts.