Homeowners often get confused when it comes to running the blower fan without an air conditioner. Do you also wonder if it is right to run the blower fan without turning ON the air conditioner? A blower plays a vital role in circulating fresh air throughout your space. However, it may be super costly for you in the long run. This article provides a brief overview of whether or not you should run the fan without the air conditioner.

How It Works

A blower is the main component of your air conditioner unit. It serves the purpose of blowing the cool air throughout your space. It circulates the air through a series of ducts. For that reason, people tend to turn on the blower fan when it's hot outside. A blower fan works to keep your home comfortable without breaking the bank. Doing so presents a series of advantages and disadvantages.

Keeping your blower fan on without the air conditioner can help circulate fresh, cool air around your home. As a result, the fan can distribute air evenly, thus leading to maximum comfort. On the other hand, turning the fan ON and OFF constantly can cause serious air conditioner issues. Your AC unit may experience frequent repairs or breakdowns due to excessive wear and tear. As a result, it can affect the overall lifespan of your air conditioning unit.

Why You Shouldn’t Turn Your Blower Fan on without the Air Conditioner

Saving money is one of the major reasons not to turn on your blower fan without an air conditioner. A fan can consume a lot of energy when it’s running continuously. As a result, you’ll probably pay higher electricity bills. Many homeowners believe that they can save enough money by keeping the blower fan ON without turning on the air conditioner. Undoubtedly, a blower fan uses less energy as compared to the AC itself. However, it can lead to higher utility bills.

Most importantly, running the fan continuously also leads to more maintenance. Apart from that, your air filter will get clogged or dirty more often. Although replacing the filter is not a big deal, it might be a daunting task for you to stay vigilant. In the case of the clogged filter, your air conditioner tends to work harder in order to cool your space. It can affect the efficiency of your air conditioning system. You will need to change the filter frequently. Otherwise, it may lead to air conditioner breakdowns.

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