As we all prepare to welcome the winter season snuggled up in blankets, fur sweaters, and hot coffee, it is necessary that we check up on our gas heater to make sure that it is safe from any cracks, or leaks, and does not require any repair. It is recommended that you opt for heater maintenance every year before the winter season starts by either doing it yourself or calling in professional gas heater service to take care of things.

1. Prevents gas leakage, which is harmful to your health

If you haven’t been using your gas heater for a while, then a gas leak might go undetected. At the time of heater installation, you are advised to remain cautious and aware of leaks as they are odorless and have no taste. It is essential that you get a heater service if your gas heater is old, as leaks mostly happen in units that have been in use for a while.

2. Helps your heater function better

Getting heater maintenance service now and then ensures that your unit is working efficiently, and will not stop working when you least need it. You could call in your trusted heater service providers, for a routine inspection, before the start of winters to check on things like dirt accumulation, pipe leaks, or any cracks. During the routine inspection, the techs will also clean out the furnace and fix the issues.

3. Saves your electricity costs

Do you know that if you don’t get a gas heater serviced on time, it can increase your bills? You may be wondering how? Let us tell you. When you don’t get your heater service done on time, the system has to work extra hard and for a longer duration to provide adequate heating. This leads to increased bills as it operates for a longer time. However, if you get maintenance work done frequently, your heater will operate efficiently and smoothly, and the bills will automatically reduce.

4. Maintains your heater warranty

At the time of installation, did you come across a warranty that included the terms and conditions to maintain your heating system? If yes, then you would also be aware that many HVAC companies have made gas heater servicing compulsory if you want to retain the warranty. To keep your warranty valid, make sure that you take care of the heater according to the company requirements, so that they can take care of your heating system in the future in case a problem arises.

5. Ensures safety by eliminating the risk of a fire

If you have a gas leak, then the tiniest of sparks, or the lighting of a cigarette, can turn into a huge fire. When getting your heater installation done, ensure that the gas pipes are in their proper place, do not have cracks, or are not rusted. A fire may start if your heating system hasn’t been serviced or repaired for a while. The best solution for this problem is to look for a heater service in your area and work with their expert advice. Don't worry, we are here to help you, just give us a call on 1300 730 896. We have licensed technicians all over Australia who can be at your doorstep on the same day.