Rinnai offers one of the greatest varieties of gas heaters for its users. Their heaters are highly efficient, and most importantly, they come with a long life expectancy. With that said, during their long working life, you can encounter certain problems with your Rinnai heaters due to a lack of maintenance, inappropriate use, or wear and tear of the equipment over time.

At times, you can save the hassle of calling a professional gas heater service, as certain troubleshooting errors can be fixed easily at home. Here’s a quick Rinnai gas heater troubleshooting guide to make your life easier.

1) Direct Sunlight

You neglected the equipment placement in summer, and humidity or direct sunlight is causing metal parts to rust and plastic ones to melt and break down.

2) Clogged Filters

The heater is in use for a long time, but the filters are not cleaned. This can cause temperature increases and abnormal combustion as well. It is advised to clean the filters regularly because the dirt and debris from the surroundings can accumulate and affect its heating ability. It is one of the most common reasons behind a Rinnai gas heater not working.

3) Avoid Blockages

The equipment requires proper space to function, and blocking its way with furniture and leaving clothes on it can cause fire or a short circuit.

4) Rubber Hose

The hose used to connect to the heater should be a proper gas hose, as the rubber hoses can cause gas leaks in the equipment, making it extremely dangerous and risky.

5) Wrong Gas used

The gas types used should be LPG, 13A, and 12A only. Low standard gases can affect the heater’s working quality.

6) Poor Ventilation

Good ventilation is vital for the efficient working of the Rinnai gas heaters. The air in the room should be refreshed every hour or two by turning on a fan or opening a window so that clean air can be brought in the room and the people inside do not feel suffocated.

In the worst cases, incomplete combustion can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, which could even lead to death.

Last but not least, it is advisable to stay away from the heater, even if the temperatures are kept at a minimum, as it can cause a mild to severe burn if you are too close to a heating system for a longer time.

When To See A Professional?

The heater service should be conducted every two years by an experienced technician to inspect for the leakage of gas and carbon monoxide. It is also essential to keep the system working efficiently; because a minimum leak can cause significant damage. It is advised to get professional help if:

  • There is a burning smell or gas odour
  • Your equipment has not been serviced in two years
  • The discolouration on the heater indicates heat damage
  • The outer body becomes too hot to touch
  • Loud vibrating sounds are heard
  • An error sign is frequently indicated
  • A combustion area is deformed

Rinnai gas heaters can last a long time if maintained and used appropriately.

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