Are you looking for the most effective heating method to maintain your home’s temperature? Many people opt for reverse cycle and gas heating methods because they are very effective. However, you need to choose one that suits your home. It’s important to install a heating system that is both affordable and effective.

Wondering which one is better: Reverse cycle air conditioning vs gas heating?

This article provides key differences between reverse cycle and gas heating methods. There are some factors which play a vital role in deciding which heating system is a perfect choice. Firstly, you should have a proper understanding of how both of these heating systems work.

How Do They Work?

When it comes to reverse cycle air conditioning, it can provide cooling and heating to your home. The working mechanism of the reverse cycle heating system relies on drawing in air from outside. After absorbing heat, the warm air gets transferred to your home. Most importantly, you can install a reverse cycle air conditioner either as a split unit or a ducted system. A split system is ideal for a single room, while a ducted system can transfer heat throughout your home via ducts.

As the name suggests, gas heaters require “gas” as fuel to run. Such a system works by burning gas inside which in turn produces heat. This heat is transferred to the rooms using a fan.  Reverse cycle is the most cost-effective way of heating your home.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning vs Gas Heating

A reverse cycle air conditioner is also known as a heat pump; because it works by extracting heat from the air. Once the heat is extracted, the warm air is pushed into your home. On the other hand, a gas heater works on the principle of the radiant method of heating.

There are some key factors that can help differentiate reverse cycle air conditioning and gas heating.

1) Affordability

Looking for an affordable heating system? This system is a suitable choice for heating and cooling any space. Most importantly, you do not need a separate air conditioner or heater when you have reverse cycle air conditioning.

2) Safety

As discussed before, a gas heater uses gas to create heat. This process of heating is not as safe as reverse cycle air conditioning. Safety is one of the major factors which makes reverse cycle air conditioning the best heating method.

3) Efficiency

During the cold weather, reverse cycle air conditioners are affected by outside air temperatures. So, they are less efficient in cold weather. On the other hand, gas heaters run more efficiently.

4) Noise

Gas heaters make more noises than reverse cycle systems, particularly the old models. Therefore, reverse cycle heating can sustain the desired room temperature while making less noise.

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