Air Ducts are passages that are used for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning as a passage for passing air. They are usually connected to the ducted air conditioning system in your house and are extremely helpful for ventilation purposes. If you’re looking to cover your air ducts, then using duct tape seems like a sensible thing to do, at least according to its reputation. But you’ll be surprised to know that experts suggest against using it. Even though duct tape might sound like the perfect fit, it’s not.

1) Duct tape doesn’t stand up to temperature changes

When carrying out a ducted air conditioning service, you should know that the ducted heating temperature keeps changing. This means that extreme temperatures or your heater heating up will cause the adhesive on the duct tape to wear out and not last long. It can only be used within certain temperature ranges. Similarly, it can also not withstand extremely cold temperatures. The extreme freezing temperatures can cause the glue on the tape to harden and fall off, which takes away its sticking ability.

2) The glue on the duct tape disintegrates with time

If you’re looking forward to a ducted air conditioning service, then you should know that the whole purpose of sealing a duct is to make sure that there are no air leaks. A duct tape placed on ducted air conditioning can only last for a brief time and doesn’t do its job effectively. The adhesive that is normally used on duct tape is not powerful enough to withstand the conditions of an HVAC system which causes them to fall off and then cause leaks within the system. Moreover, these are general-purpose duct tapes that have not been specially designed for air ducts.

3) It can lead to water leaks and condensation issues

Do you know that most people use duct tape when facing a ducted air conditioning problem as it quickly helps fix the damage in a short amount of time? While duct tapes might be water-resistant, it is not suitable for regular or long-term use when going ahead with a ducted air conditioning service. You should only use it for emergency leaks, and not for long-term use, as longer exposure can cause the adhesive to wear off, and the duct tape will fall off.

Similarly, condensation occurring in your air conditioning vents from outside temperature improperly sealed ducts and lack of ventilation can cause a lot of moisture build-up and dirty air conditioner filters. All of this can result in your duct tape falling off without you even noticing, causing more serious problems for you to deal with.

Duct tape is not a long-term solution for repairing air ducts in an HVAC system. You should opt for a better alternative that is long-lasting, doesn’t cost you much, and can survive temperature changes. If you don’t have enough knowledge about it, we recommend that you contact Quick Air, we will send over a skilled technician to help you sort things out, and can provide you with expert advice on air ducts. Call us at 1300 730 896.