One of the most common problems people face with AC nowadays is poor airflow. There are a lot of factors responsible for the airflow, but usually, it is caused because of duct issues.

Therefore, if you are also facing this issue then make sure to get the ductworks of your HVAC system checked. Here in this article, we have mentioned some of the main duct problems which can cause poor airflow from your AC.

So, next time when your AC has poor airflow, immediately check for these issues.

1) Clogged Ducts

This is the most common problem of ducts that cause poor airflow from the AC. People don't usually check the duct ways and these passageways get clogged with dust, dirt, and other pollution particles. When these passages are not cleaned regularly, they affect the efficiency of the AC.

Clogged air ducts will eventually block the airflow from one duct and also affect the other ducts. Overall, it will cause poor airflow from the AC. Therefore, it's very important to get the ducts checked and cleaned by the technicians on time.

2) Leaks In Ducts

The leaks, cracks, and holes in the duct also affect the airflow from the AC. When the air is leaked, it means it wasn't properly cooled or heated. And the air was also not filtered properly which can bring a lot of pollutants into your house.

Leaks in ducts can be caused because of poor installation of the system, its old age, or rodents. These leaks should be properly fixed to make sure that the air passes through the AC and is properly cooled or heated.

3) Undersized Ducts

Sometimes the builders install small size ducts in the house. These undersized ducts might work perfectly in the beginning but with time, they will start to impede the airflow from your AC. Some people purposely install small ducts to save costs, but it will, later on, make the AC work inefficiently, making you spend more on maintenance and repairs.

4) Poor Duct Design

Another reason for the poor air flow from your AC is the poor design of the duct. For example, if you renovated your house, you may not have renewed the HVAC system of your house. It means there are chances that the old duct structure isn't able to properly stream the air into your house.

Or maybe the technicians you hired, didn't properly install the duct. Whatever the reason, just make sure to hire a technician, he will be able to better understand the problem and fix it.

Bottom Line

Hence, it is clear that poor airflow from the AC can be caused by various duct problems. But you don't need to worry, as Quick Air has professional technicians who will immediately check your duct ways, identify the problem, and fix it.

Quick Air is an Australia based company providing professional maintenance and repairing services of HVAC systems. You can immediately contact us for the poor airflow and duct problems and enjoy the professional services. Call us at 1300 730 896.