Lighting and remodeling are not small tasks. There are multiple things to understand whenever you renovate your house. Our choices are incredibly important to ensure we can continue to enjoy living in our houses. Electricity is a substantial element in everybody’s home these days. Making a bad decision is something that can cause severe damage. Having an expert electrician by your side while planning a light upgrade for your home’s light fittings would be a perfect idea for saving money and time.

This is the reason why you must take the  time and ensure that your lighting and electrical considerations for your house are the best. Below we have enlisted seven lighting and electrical considerations for you to consider.

1. Avoid over lighting

Over lighting your interior is a commonly made mistake with home renovations. In lighting design, considering the function is essential. Please don’t buy light fixtures without deciding. Always begin by specifying how they will be used in your room. And then, pick those light fixtures that fit that purpose and correspond to your home interior design style. With over lighting, you add unnecessary brightness to your home, and it is also expensive to use. It would be wise to plan the use of lights, and then adapt the lights according to it.

2. Mix lighting solutions

Applying the usual lighting techniques and options continually is one of the reasons people are never happy with their lighting solutions. We recommend mixing it up and giving your house a new look only by changing the lighting style. You can begin by reducing the use of ceiling lights. Floor lamps, pendants, step lights, wall washes, low hallway, and wall lights are some of the lighting features that you can consider in lighting and electrical solutions. You can also get suggestions from a lighting or interior designer if you don’t know much about lights.

3. Automated lighting

We have pro lighting experts in our team who recommend using automated lights with built-in sensors to be used in the garage and butler’s pantry to avoid fumbling in the dark. Thoughtful details like this can make your lifestyle more comfortable.

4. Don’t use old lighting

Using old lighting in your residence is a brilliant way to destroy your house’s appearance. While illumination is the main intention of every light, you can use more options. You should also consider other forms of lighting available in the industry. It might amaze you to discover that new light models and designs are brought to the market regularly. Following the latest lighting trends will not impact your wallet, and will serve a role in enhancing your house’s lighting and electrical needs.

5. Use motion sensor lighting

These lights are highly utilised these days and for a very good reason. It is highly convenient and relatively cheap. There is always a chance of falling and fumbling with manual lighting because the user has to turn on the lights. When you wish to light a space without having to find the light switch, you can choose motion sensor lights.


You must hire a licensed electrician to get all the work done. For renovation work, an electrical permit is necessary unless it’s a minor repair or alteration. Before commencing home renovation, make sure the contractor you are hiring is licensed and insured.