Has your home or office cooling system experiencing interruptions in its operation lately? Do you need the more up-to-date solution to ensure your split system air conditioner works efficiently? Contact one of our team of professionals today as we provide an honest and focused commercial and residential air conditioning service. We ensure our residential and commercial partners get unmatched climate control and convert all year round by employing only the best staff and using the latest technology.

The knowledge and experience with which we have gained working with split system air conditioning units, ensure service or repairs you receive will be personalized to meet your needs.

A fully certified team will inspect all requirements of both the exterior and interior elements of split system air conditioning units. This is the only way you can ensure your units needs are met and you receive the best level of service. Our team will always conduct an in-depth inspection to ensure we accurately identify any problems you are experiencing with your split system air conditioning. You will receive a detailed description of any service repairs or maintenance that is needed before any work starts.

Here are the most common issue that can occur with split system air conditioner

1. Your split system will not turn on

The first thing you need to do is to ensure your system is receiving the power and that the unit hasn't tripped a switch. You should also check if your remote needs replacement batteries.

2. A leak from your split system

Accumulation of dirt are dust can easily cause your split system drain hold to become blocked a little of cleaning made clear the blockage but if not you may need professional help to fix the leak.

3. There is a terrible smell coming from the split system

It's your split systems filter that needs to be cleaned or replaced. Vacuuming it and cleaning it with a damp cloth should be more than enough to the foul smell.

4. My split systems temp control is off

If your room is constantly becoming too cold or too hot, it can be an issue with the temp settings on your system. Contacting the professional can easily resolve this technical issue

5. I hear strange noises coming from my split system

Sometimes split systems make buzzing noises, and this could show that some parts of being loose. If you can't see a loose part that securely on the inside of the system itself, it's best to contact a professional to see what the problem may be. If it's making a more high-pitched screaming sound, instantly turn off the split system as this could be the sign of an issue with your compressor or a potentially harmful refrigeration leak.

6. My split system blows room temp air?

This is probably down to the fact that your system is set on fan, which is designed to just recirculate any air that already exists in business or home. Check the thermostat to make sure it's set to either hot or cold.

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