An old air conditioner unit may be costing you hundreds of dollars more, compared to the costs of operating a new one. With an AC upgrade, you can enjoy better performance and high efficiency, more compatibility, and less hassle.

When it comes to air conditioners, upgrading to a new system is always worth it as it can save you a substantial amount on air conditioner services and routine maintenance costs. Another interesting fact that you might not know is that your AC unit uses up more electricity than all other appliances in your home. This means that this appliance should be given a little more attention, as it can account for about 70 percent of your electricity bill.

An old air conditioner unit may be costing you hundreds of dollars more compared to the new one. But a new air conditioner installation can also cost you a lot. This is where an AC upgrade helps. Upgrading to a new air conditioner unit means a big investment upfront, but ultimately it will save you a lot of money in running costs and also offer you more benefits; such as compatibility with modern devices.

Here are the three best benefits of upgrading your AC now.

1) Better performance and high-efficiency

Compared to old air conditioners, the new air conditioners are more efficient and boast  better performance. Air conditioner upgrades to a new system can save you about 33% on your energy costs per year, as new AC consumes less energy from your system, costing you less money and giving you a better performance. New AC systems can regulate the room temperature more precisely and keep your home cooler for longer. So, an AC upgrade means a better cooling system at less cost.

2) More compatibility

The progression of technology also offers some more benefits; the new AC systems can even retrieve information about outside weather via the Internet to automatically adjust the temperature inside accordingly. Moreover, the modern AC systems are also compatible with smart thermostats and your smartphone. Smart thermostats give you control over your home's temperature, even if you are out of the house. It also automatically turns on the fan to regulate the air quality of your house, removing dust and mold particles from the air. So, an air conditioner upgrade is not only good for your budget, but is also good for your health if you are sensitive to seasonal allergies.

3) Improve your Home's market value

When buyers are looking for a house, their main focus is on eco-friendly and energy-saving appliances installed in the house. Having modern and advanced appliances in your home can greatly increase buyer's interest in your property. A new AC upgrade is a great way to ease a buyer's mind and convince them to buy your house.


Upgrading your AC to a new system is far better than using an old air conditioner. Upgrading your AC can save you a lot of money in the long run while giving you a lot of other benefits. However, it is very important to get your AC upgraded by a professional air conditioner technician. Don't worry, as the highly professional Quick Air technicians can help to upgrade your AC to a new system at very affordable prices. Call us at 1300 730 896.